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WLM Featured Fridays

Have we turned you on to any new bands since the launch of Featured Fridays? We hope so and like every Friday, we have another batch of bands for ya. Some may be familiar, others totally new to the scene. 
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WLM Reviews: Leaves’ Eyes – Sign Of The Dragonhead

December 13, 2017
WLM Reviews: Leaves’ Eyes – Sign Of The Dragonhead

The last few years have been a tumultuous one for Leaves’ Eyes. Their new album, Sign Of The Dragonhead, proves that they are stronger than ever despite recent events.

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WLM Reviews: Diablo Swing Orchestra – Pacifisticuffs

December 9, 2017
WLM Reviews: Diablo Swing Orchestra – Pacifisticuffs

Diablo Swing Orchestra has been one of my favorite unsung bands ever since my wife discovered them and their debut album over 10 years ago. In fact, I have Balrog Boogie as her ringtone. Now with album number four, Pacifisticuffs, the band returns on Candlelight Records.

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WLM Featured Fridays

December 8, 2017
WLM Featured Fridays

Welcome back to another edition of Featured Fridays. Whether you’ve been here since the beginning many weeks ago or like to sample around or have never been here, welcome. We welcome all metal brethren and today’s featured new bands are on the more extreme side.

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WLM Interviews: Leaves’ Eyes

December 5, 2017
WLM Interviews: Leaves’ Eyes

We recently had the great opportunity to talk to several members from Symphonic masters, Leaves’ Eyes. Their new album due for release early next year was of course a good portion of what the conversation was about in addition to its concept, what their interests are outside of music, US metal fans and European metal...

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WLM Reviews: Destruction – Thrash Anthems II

December 3, 2017
WLM Reviews: Destruction – Thrash Anthems II

I’ve always been partial to Kreator when it comes to German Thrash. I was on board with Destruction in the early years, but they didn’t really hold my attention over the years like their contemporaries. I think they have it now though with these re-recordings of older material.

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