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WLM Reviews: Ensiferum – Two Paths

September 9, 2017
WLM Reviews: Ensiferum – Two Paths

I occasionally mention expectations when it comes to album reviews. Bands that you know and love (or hate) often surprise or disappoint based on what you expect. While Finnish Folk Metal kings Ensiferum have yet to completely disappoint me, the last couple of albums lacked a certain something. How does Two Paths stack up?

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WLM Reviews: Alpha Tiger – Alpha Tiger

September 8, 2017

When this album popped into my inbox, I was a little hesitant to check it out. But after realizing they’re a familiar name around here, I knew I was not going to be let down.

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WLM Reviews: Arch Enemy – Will to Power

September 4, 2017

Ever since the torch was passed on, metal titans, Arch Enemy have been rising exceedingly fast. Though they’ve been around for many years, we have yet to see it all from the metal masterminds.

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WLM Reviews: Daydream XI – The Circus of the Tattered and Torn

September 3, 2017
WLM Reviews: Daydream XI – The Circus of the Tattered and Torn

A few years ago I reviewed Daydream XI’s debut album, comparing them quite a bit with Symphony X. The band returns on Sensory Records with their second album, The Circus Of The Tattered And Torn, and it seems they’ve grown beyond simple comparisons with other Prog Metal bands.

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WLM Reviews: Expander – Endless Computer

September 2, 2017
WLM Reviews: Expander – Endless Computer

Not really knowing what I was getting, the comparison of Expander to Killing Technology era Voivod piqued my interest. The Austin, TX based band’s full length debut, Endless Computer on Nuclear War Now! seemed like it might have potential.

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WLM Reviews: Crimfall – Amain

August 30, 2017

I really can’t believe it’s been six years since the last release from Finland’s, Crimfall. With their new album recently released, the wait was oh so worth it!

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