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WLM Reviews: Shadygrove – In The Heart Of Scarlet Wood

April 13, 2018

It’s pretty interesting the amount of Metal talent that has been coming out of Italy for some time now. Taking another new page this time around Shadygrove bring their debut album to the Metal masses. 

The sextet known as Shadygrove bring a sort of ambient/mystical/ethnic sound with their debut album titled, In The Heart Of Scarlet WoodThe band focuses more on providing the listener a unique and authentic experience with their very refreshing sound. Indeed it is refreshing, is what I kept telling myself throughout the course of the album for string and wind instruments are the main focus in addition to a fair serving of bass, some guitars and keyboards. No, you probably won’t be headbanging or moshing to this album, rather, you’ll be transported to another world where one can unwind and drift off into the magic this album beholds or how the band puts it “folk, ethnic, acoustic Celtic pop and to further enhance the experience, the album cover is also another aspect of their works that can be incorporated towards Celtic bliss.

The attention to detail the band puts is obvious such as in the opener, Scarlet Woodwhere a trio of stringed instruments, a soiree of percussion and keyboards intertwine alongside the charming and majestic vocals of lead vocalist, Lisy Stefanoni. If you’re seeking distinguished melodies, I recommend that tracks My Silver Seal and The Port of Lisbon. In it’s own way, there is almost an ‘Epic’ sort of feel to these tracks, you’ll most certainly feel transported in time with such eloquent efforts. Though a good portion of the album is along the lines of Blackmore’s Night and Loreena Mckennitt (for those who know who she is), we witness a ballad, almost Irish in nature as demonstrated by the track, This Is The NightI honestly felt like I was in the Renaissance or attending a Ren Faire of some sort with ambient and atmospherical karma this tracks regards to.

The remainder of the album brings other memorable tracks such as the tender track, Cydoniaand the more expressive and soulful track, Northern LightsI feel like the band left for some tasty moments towards the end of the album such as the more energetic and temperamental Let The Candle Burn. When I say temperamental, I mean in relation to the album, they don’t go completely 180 but you hopefully get where I’m coming from. To close things off Queen of Amber brought nostalgic remnants apropros to the Anette Olzon era of Nightwish. At least with this song, I felt she sounded very much like Anette. But before the album wraps up, you’ll get a decent dose of medieval instrumentation, almost like a medieval breakdown in the latter half. Overall, the track is dominated by acoustics, wind instruments, tamborine and violin.

At certain points I found myself thinking of the television show, Game of Thrones, for I felt some moments in the album would have fit appropriately in the show. The debut album from Shadygrove is a refreshing dose of music that typically does not address a niche of people but aspires to conquer an audience outside the rock/metal spectrum. It can only be reproached by an excessive rhythmic nuance that can be monotonous in nature. Stay Metal \m/

Official Website: http://www.shadygrovefolk.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Shadygrove.italy/

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