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WLM Featured Fridays

March 30, 2018

Who doesn’t love Fridays? The weekend is pretty much on your doorstep…oh and it’s Featured Fridays of course! 

Week by week, day by day, there’s new bands springing up and at this point, Fridays are the day where we look at new talent and new releases from some of the artists we love! That being said, let’s not waste any more of your time. Let’s dig a bit into what we have lined up for you this week.

Vega are a well-known name around here. The Hard Rock/Glam outfit recently released the first single to their upcoming album, Only Human, which is set for release in early May. Bring on the 80’s inspired goodness! Keeping with the past, I couldn’t help but become hooked on to the band 77Inspired by the 70’s, the year 1977 to be exact, their very much throwback sounding track couldn’t be more true to the era. Recorded with analogue gear, the sound you’ll get is as true as the 70’s gets. Most won’t care I don’t think but if you love that raw, hi-fidelity sound, you’re in the right place.

Bringing it to more modern times, legendary Swedish Melodic Death metallers, At The Gates, released another single titled, To Drink From The Night Itself which offers plenty of thrash, headbanging affairs and all matters extreme. Similarly, Bleed From Within also have a new single that has elements of extreme as well such as a generous portion of Metalcore and some tasty Djent and triplets with their breakdown later on in the track. It’s dam heavy, I’ll tell you that much. Last but not least, some Symphonic metal to add another touch to the mixup with TemperenceI will admit, I was not a fan of the first minute or so initially but I like to give second chances, which in this case, was well worth the time investment. Give it a few listens, you may find yourself liking it more and more!

It’s Easter weekend over here, all the more reason to crank out tha metal. Stay Metal \m/


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