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WLM Reviews: Berthold City – Moment Of Truth

March 29, 2018

Nothing but headbangin’ brutality with these guys. The LA outfit known as Berthold City come to the masses with a straight up hardcore release. 

One thing that has always intrigued me with Hardcore is though the songs are repetitive with their pulsating speedy drumming, perfect to incite a mosh pit and headbanging, the genre still has support to this day, hence the release from the quintet. It was also pretty interesting to find out that the band aligns themselves with a straight edge lifestyle which in my opinion is respectable, no shame in that at all! But like I said, this release is pretty typical Hardcore, for raw vocals, truth be told lyrical notions and gang vocals come together on the release known as Moment Of Truth

The band likes to use three words to describe their works: Raw. Fast. Loud. There are a few small breakdowns on this release such as in the track Left For Deadwith some swinging guitar catchy riffs and rather positive lyrics. Enough! will give you the strength to get over what it is that plagues you. Like Knives is the most different track of the bunch as there is a more groovy and punkish edge to the track, not blasting beats continuously as most of the tracks do. Gang vocals also make their appearance more often than not with the tracks barely spanning over two-minutes in length.

This release is pretty fast and short, for its 11-12 minutes in length will fly by pretty fast. If you’re not used to such Hardcore/Punk acts, I don’t think you’ll really enjoy this release as much as someone who does follow the scene with at least casual knowledge. Did I mention their most positive lyrics also pivot this release synonymous with their straight-edge lifestyle? There is nothing much else to say, I realize this review is pretty short but they are barely starting out on the scene, though the members are in other projects as well.  You know what you’re gonna get with these guys and that is the genre that is Hardcore. No bullshit, truth to your doorstep and terror in the form of music. Be sure to check them out on their upcoming tour dates, found on their website. Stay Metal \m/

Official Website: https://bertholdcityhc.bandcamp.com/

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