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WLM Reviews: Myrholt – Vinter

March 8, 2018

Out of the bitter cold regions of Norway comes the project known as MyrholtThough the project was formed over 25 years ago, out of the snow and ov long awaiting comes Vinter

Vinter is a strong and solid EP debut from the solo Scandanavian black metaller. Fans of Falkenbach, Dark Forest among Pagan metal elements and more are what this EP entails for. You get some standard tremolo style guitar with a generous amount of ambiance and a dark atmosphere very synonymous with the Black metal scene with melodies that carry that tracks to an almighty offering. What I enjoyed about this release are the aforementioned melodies and paired with blast beats creates for a staple black metal sound, something that does not have to be shocking and more along the lines of paying homage to tradition. Myrholt abruptly went on hiatus in 2011 due to the lack of dedication, but it wasn’t until 2016 where the flame was reignited again to pursue and continue this one-man-band. Overall, the EP though close to 20-minutes in length, felt more like 5 minutes, time flew by, it’s pretty darn good in my opinion.

Heimdall starts out rather eerie, elusive and ambient. The organs lure you in before some addicting melodies kick in. The production value this EP merits is that of almost trve black metal status as it’s not your polished type of black metal. The screeching vocals are also standard in style of black metal, but overall, this pattern of the same melody and mix of blast beats and mid-tempo progression are really what this track is comprised of.

Hieros Gamos has a pretty explosive opening immediately after the tranquil piano piece. You’ll certainly be headbanging and for one man to accomplish such a track is truly mesmerizing. With an ominous atmosphere backing this one, the tremolo style guitar play only further adds to the venomous stimulation you’ll be injected with. Eventually you’ll hit a slow break around midway before embracing an assault of blast beats, furthermore the track veers off into a melancholic and tragic sounding solo that tells you the chaos is soon to end. By the last minute of the track, piano and organs once more some together before fading away on this EP.

I think the only man behind this project, Ole Alexander Myrholtput it best when he said, “Myrholt is old school Black Metal. Nothing more, Nothing less”, and I couldn’t agree more. While I tend to favor the more symphonic oriented BM acts, this was definitely up my alley as well and encompassed a lot of flavorful elements and trve black metal tidings. What else can be said? ‘The fire still burns.’ Check out Vinter. Stay Metal \m/

Official Website: http://www.olealexandermyrholt.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/olealexandermyrholt/

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