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WLM Reviews: Therion – Beloved Antichrist

February 21, 2018

It’s extremely and I mean EXTREMELY rare when a release such as this makes its way to the masses. If you haven’t seen the concept, let alone the length of this album, you are in for a metal shocker. 

The group’s first album in about 6 years, Beloved Antichrist is Therion‘s sixteenth album, fresh off of Nuclear Blast Records. A concept album, the group claims its a ‘rock opera’ inspired by Vladímir Soloviov’s “A Short Tale Of The Antichrist”. 27 characters depicted through the plethora of tracks, to make long story short, the album comes with 46 tracks, most of which are full-length tracks with the album overall coming in with 3 hours in total playtime. The entire album is broken up into three one-hour acts.

Fans of the band will be able to detect some earlier Therion influence from some of their more recent releases such as Lemuria, Sirius B and Gothic Kabbalah with much more of an operatic style vocal range on this album. Never Again, Shoot Them Down and Temple Of New Jerusalem are a few of the tracks that showcase familiarity of their former works. In addition, a generous portion of the album delivers classical arias with the guitars keeping at bay and the drums, among other percussion instruments having a more favorable presence a la Deggial and Secret of the Runes, two albums released around the turn of the millenia.

Resurrection and The Wasteland of My Heart resonate with more metal tidings with a faint essence of the rock opera approach the album tries to push henceforth. The name John Williams may strike a chord with some as the orchestral and symphonic richness that sounds very much inspired by the legendary composer makes a shining performance which you’ll hear that in tracks like The Solid Black Beyond and The Crown of Splendourboth found in Act IMorning Has Broken though similar to many of the tracks and a play-on of the story, comes with some great definitive bass work which comes on the slight groove and unusual note. (no pun).

Anthem and Bringing The Gospel provide some tasty and riffs with attitude, some of the more metal moments of the album are found here. To Shine Forever is where most of the cast that partook in the album comes together to create a somber and more melancholic atmosphere. The closing track, Theme of Antichristis exceptionally bombastic all around, dark in the gothic sense, strong operatics in the vocal range, just very, very poetic, brooding and foreboding that will send a chill down your spine. The video itself is a piece of art and awe inspiring. There is a new bar to reach.

Beloved Antichrist is simply mind-blowing in terms of scale, quality and unwillingness to fail on a very grand scale. A monolith of metal and a total work of art on which fans will certainly be receiving more than a treat. Though in a literal sense it is an album, the album can be seen as the soundstage to historic performance. What is perhaps Therion‘s most creative work, hell it is their most creative work, is stands out more of an opera hence the versatility all around. Regardless if you like them and the album or not, you can’t deny the unique and original concept it has to offer. There are so many more surprises and moments to experience from what has been said here, you’ll be glad you made the effort to check out the remainder of this story.

Word has it there’s plans to take the entire production to stage which will bring the group to 25 countries worldwide! Stay Metal \m/

Official Website: http://therion.se/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therion
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_Therion

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