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WLM Featured Fridays

February 16, 2018

We are back at it again with some more brutal talent at the metal forefront! While life likes to get in the way sometimes, like a metal warrior, it’s about getting into the metal spirit by any means necessary…Obviously keeping things within the legal spectrum, as mentioned, life sometimes has a way of plotting and interrupting one’s plans from time to time. It only drains oneself of that metal energy we crave for on a daily basis…or some of us anyway. 😉 Hopefully some of you weren’t too worried about us going missing, no no, sometimes life just bumps you down the road sometimes to remind you it’s there.

Nonetheless, personally I like to know where a band I listen to comes from. Not that it affects whether or not I will listen to them nor make some pre-conceived assumption that they are going to be good or bad but more importantly, it reinforces the statement that metal is worldwide and has no limits of any kind. Today’s featured acts prove as such for Singapore’s Dante’s Theory bring their Deathcore and brutality to full vitality. Thousands of miles away, Italy’s White Skull bring their Epic Power metal ferocity full of arpeggios, double bass driven glory and war for that metal warrior within us all. Latvia’s Blinded Memory initially bring some standard post-hardcore antics eventually throwing me off with the other elements they offer on their track, Insane. A few hundred miles away in Sweden come longtime Blackened Death metallers, Necrophobic, and their extremely addicting and vulgar track, Mark Of The Necrogram, from their upcoming album soon to be released. Next year it will be 30 years the band has been in existence. Back on the other side of the world in Russia, Ten Tonn Hammer release their Hardcore/Groove metal, translated to english known as “The world is collapsing/collapses”. Nothing out of the ordinary here, just straight up heaviness and tight metal all around.

Metal horns to you for coming back and sticking around. You can always count on us stepping it up every Friday here with Featured FridaysStay Metal \m/

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