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WLM Reviews: Hamka – Multiversal

February 7, 2018

When you see an album cover that sparks your curiosity, it’s only natural to see what they’re about. The magic of uncovering what lurks behind that album cover is a journey to behold. 

Multiversal is the new album from French Symphonic Power metallers, Hamka. Their sophomore album, their first album was released in 2005 with the band’s beginning going back to 2003. The name ‘Hamka‘ refers to an old Tibetan goddess. The band took some time off between 2005 and 2009 and their new album could not have come at a better time. Better late than never, as the saying goes. In regards to the new album, it stays true with the Symphonic Power metal realm, mix in some ethnic and unique elements/sounds and you have yourself a distinguishable album. Personally, what i like about the album is that not one song sounds like another, different tenacities, memorable choruses and just the overall theme/concept of the album. We just can’t get enough of dystopic and related themes in metal. Hamka is fronted by Elisa C. Martin, whom has been with acts such as Dark Moor, Fairyland, Dreamaker and a few others. The band has claimed that this album is for fans of bands like Dark Moor, Angra, Fairyland and related acts from the Symphonic realm.

With the instrumental opening track, One Way Journey To The Unknown, you’ll get a slightly epic and mysterious atmosphere before trekking into the very Power metal sounding World War III. With a riff-driven entrance, lots of double bass, you’ll gain witness to some glorious symphonics later on with a sick breakdown immediately thereafter. Earth’s Call brings some memorable choruses and harmonizing melodies meanwhile Hope has a more mid-tempo offering amidst some rare growls in the background on this more optimistic sounding track.

Inner Conviction is where you’ll get a taste of ethnic sounding elements, as there’s additional string instruments, a very high tempo, very headbangable, and more energy than usual from the vocal forefront. Seaquest brings in some power metal epic glory more so in the choirs and symphonics and also offering another unique atmosphere is The Path of the Pharaohs. You’ll definitely get some Egyptian sounding elements with vocalist Elisa Martin, giving a more memorable performance with her raspy vocals. A little curveball was thrown in Seed of a New World. Those who favor electronics and effects, arpeggios, neoclassical elements, you’ll be in for a treat. The epic track, Multiversal Universe, does the album justice starting on an acoustic and tender note scaling up to faster progression, wind instruments like flute, eventually bringing in the staple symphonics and eccentric harminc solos. Overall, this instrumental track is easily one of the highlights of the album.

With so many bands in the Symphonic and Power metal realm, it starts to become a smorgasbord of talent. But if you’re like Hamka and offer more than what’s expected, one can clearly differentiate themself from the competition. Nonetheless the many memorable tracks on this album will certainly be stuck in your mind well after the album is over. Stay Metal \m/

Official Websitehttps://hamka.bandcamp.com/releases

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