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February 2, 2018

What’s more important than seeing if the groundhog saw it’s shadow? Featured Fridays of course! I can’t predict if we will get six more weeks of Winter or not but I can predict some of you are going to just go apeshit at some of these tracks/videos this week.

Yeah, it’s Groundhog day here in The US. That may sound bland but hell, once you’ve been spoiled by metal, it’s hard to get excited by other things sometimes. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing or if I need some therapy but I don’t think you guys will mind getting down with the metal nitty gritty as we’ve been doing every Friday. Who needs caffeine first thing in the morning?? This is my energy right here! Seriously, I crank up the metal when I need some uplifting, energy or have a casual case of the migraines/headaches. No joke, metal cures me right up and I hope it does for you too!

Back on track here, upcomers and melodic death metallers from Greece, Aetherian, recently released a few music videos for their new album. Keep them under your radar because they are certainly going to rise up. Killing Gandhi, follows similar suit with more of the thrash, brash and headbanger atmosphere keeping things riff driven and very tight. Of course any song with the word ‘Metal’ in it always offers a unique experience and has yet to let us down which is where Black metallers, Thy Antichrist, come in and make things ‘Metal To The Bone’. Meanwhile you’ll eventually meet Brymir and their very epic metal that comes with blast beats, growls, intense galloping with undertones of symphonics and power metal elements nonetheless. But topping it all off with the metal creme de le creme in my opinion, legendary Symphonic Black metallers, Septicflesh, released the latest music video to their new album Codex Omega. I know this one is going to evoke a lot of you maniacally as it did with me, you just cannot miss this one! Stay Metal \m/

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