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WLM Reviews: Sadauk – A New Dawn

January 31, 2018

It’s rare when an album provides some escapism. That’s what I certainly felt listening to the debut album from Sadauk

Sadauk is a Symphonic-Gothic metal band out of Sweden. Formed in 1996, the band has officially released their debut album, about 22 years later. When I found that out I was scratching my head as to why it took two decades to release an album because this album is strong in epic tenacities while also offering elements I wasn’t expecting like veering along the border of black metal. But the 13-track, one-hour long album is for fans of acts like Orphaned Land, Manowar and Dimmu Borgir, at least according to the band.

I would agree for the most part on those comparisons and perhaps sprinkle a generous amount of folk and epic fantasy on top of that mix. What I personally enjoy about this album titled, A New Dawn, is the ability to experience some fantasy for I was picturing myself in Middle-Earth or some similarly structured fantasy world. Plus the combination of clean female vocals and male growling/screaming make this for all the more epic.

Overture – Ancient Lithdor brings in an eloquent entrance full of harps, thunder and naturistic sound effects, some words to adhere by all accompanied by an epic atmosphere which leads to the symphonic/black metal sounding Act 1 – Melhinis Death. Overall this first part two a three part mini story the album introduces is direct, mostly driven by the double bass with Act 2 – Cursed Land having a slightly doom offering at various points. The energy does pick up with this one, very headbanger territory, great melodic leads leading to the Gothic/Dark/Ambient Act 3 – Battle a God. Female vocalist Therese makes her first appearance on this last part of this eventful trio of tracks. The guitars almost sound on the pentatonic side, certainly a track to go to war with against a god.

Sailing Away is where the male and female vocals come together with the female vocals bringing a more folkish presence. Speaking of folk, you’ll get some wind instruments with some keyboards on the side. Who Is King In Paradise is without a doubt one of the more memorable and heavier tracks of the album. You’ll get some dominating vocals both operatic and growling, swindling epicness, a great atmosphere, potent lyrics, lots of riffing, double bass, oh yeah they get serious here. Sage and Jester follows similar suit with the vocals going up or down a notch, depending on how you look at it, as there’s a more gutteral power behind the male growls. There’s some rare soloing involved with this one as that is something that album doesn’t offer much of, as well as some catchy keyboard workings, with the track having a slight reminiscent essence to it. Quite apt to end the album on I must say.

There are no surprises or anything too disappointing on the album. If it sounds like something you may like, then it should be a win with you. Keeping the album title in mind, let’s hope this is a new dawn for the band and it doesn’t take them many more years to release another album. They certainly know what they’re doing and have the potential to stick out with some of these other symphonic/fantasy/epic metal bands out there. A whole world in it’s own right here. Stay Metal \m/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sadauk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sadaukofficial?lang=en

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