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WLM Reviews: Empiresfall – A Piece to the Blind

January 27, 2018

Sometimes I just need a figurative fist to the face via the music I listen to. This week I got it courtesy of Empiresfall and their new album A Piece to the Blind.

The Germans play a style of Thrash that evokes visions of some of the giants and pioneers of the genre but don’t distinctly rip off anyone nor do they take it in a new direction. They simply play some excellent Metal with killer riffs, an in your face attitude, and very good musicianship. Something that is a bit different is vocalist Franky Chigetti’s delivery. He’s maybe a bit rougher than many typical Thrashers.

The album – if you can call it that – doesn’t even reach half an hour. This seems like more of an extended EP. A Piece to the Blind (Season of Mist) flies by at a breakneck pace, as most of the songs are up tempo sonic assaults. The first proper song, Betrayers, takes a mid-paced approach until a little over half way when the band kicks into a higher gear unleashing some fine riffage. In Decay exhibits some of the same elements, although Empiresfall crank up the speed a bit more here as well as during Blood From the Sky, save for the short breakdown in the latter track.

Delving into the archives of Thrash, Bloodshed and Chaos comes across as something that would have been a pure classic back in the 80s. Maybe not one now, exactly, but quite good anyway. Wasteland starts with a Doomish feel before ratcheting up to a mid-paced rocker that’s sufficiently heavy to induce some headbanging. Straight forward (as is essentially everything here), the song proves to be interesting enough with some very good guitar work throughout. Enemy of Mine has the least variety of any track here, but it might be the most effective song despite its length of less than 3 minutes.  It’s the one that tends to stick in my head the most.

The title track ends the album as a song that does show a decent amount of variety, from different passages, tempo changes, and great guitar leads.  I’d like to hear the band do more like this.

All in all, Empiresfall has put together an effective, albeit too short, Thrash album for the twenty-teens.  A Piece to the Blind is full of riffs and attitude, so be sure to check it out.

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