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WLM Reviews: Asenblut – Legenden

January 21, 2018

German Pagan Metallers Asenblut are releasing a 5 song EP on AFM Records. Legenden is an EP that contains four songs released on the band’s debut album and a Manowar cover.

Having not heard these songs previously, save for the Manowar track, I came into this with no expectations. All in all, Asenblut proves to be a competent band, with the typical features of a Pagan Metal group. Thrashy Power Metal combined with deep Death Metal growls make for a listenable work resembling Amon Amarth. Nothing groundbreaking really, just some solid Metal that is mostly engaging.

I say mostly, as there isn’t anything that I would skip. There is, however, a dearth of memorableness to Legenden. The first couple of tracks, Die Legende and Heldenbürde , might have come from a mid-career Amon Amarth. Vocalist Tetzel tends to have a deeper growl than Johan Hegg and also has a rougher delivery than Hegg. The band’s eponymous song is a bit of a stomper, one worthy of a headbang. Again, nothing super special, but good Metal anyway.

The cover of Manowar’s God or Man seems to be a bit heavier than the original. The vocals are quite a departure from Eric Adams’, while the music is pretty much faithful, save for the blast beats and some of the instrumental passages near the end of the song. Closer Von des Verräters Untergang is the most like an Amon Amarth song, but it’s also the best track on the EP. It seems to have the most variety.

Check out Asenblut:

Not much more to say, except Asenblut seems to be a good band, though not terribly original. Now everyone doesn’t need to be totally different than everyone else, as we wouldn’t have a Metal genre. A touch of originality wouldn’t hurt though.

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