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WLM Reviews: Bleeding Gods – Dodekathlon

January 20, 2018

Bleeding Gods is a relatively new band, having been around for a few years, now releasing album number 2 titled Dodekathlon on Nuclear Blast.

I figured the album was going to deliver straight up Death Metal, but was pleasantly surprised as the relative complexity and infusion of a lot of melody, some Thrash, and symphonic elements. Bleeding Gods have an album on their hands that is certainly worth a listen. The members of this Dutch horde bring experience from a number of former bands, none of which I’ve ever heard. Their collective talents here, though, are put on display and deliver some serious Metal goods.

I’m not sure if this is a concept album or not, but some of the song titles (along with the album title) seem to be related to Greece. Songs such as Beloved Artemis, Saviour of Crete, and Hera’s Orchard make that obvious. Bloodguilt starts off the assault as an epic, monstrous piece of Metal. If this one doesn’t capture your attention, then perhaps you don’t love Metal. The following two tracks are quite good, Multiple Decapitation and Beloved Artemis, but From Feast to Beast takes the Metal to another level. There is a lot to like about this one, from blast beats, wickedly good riffing, and all around great music.

Birds of Hate and Saviour of Crete prove to be a couple of the more compelling tracks on Dodekathlon for different reasons. Birds of Hate is particularly aggressive, smashing and bashing from the get go while Saviour of Crete is more in the symphonic vein. Saviour, despite or maybe because of its mid-range tempo, has a driving energy to it that makes it such a listenable track. Seeds of Distrust combines elements of those two songs, being both pummeling and chaotic. The underlying keyboard work on Tripled Anger lends to the melancholic feel of the song. Of course the drumming and massive riffs make the track sound, well, angry.

Check out From Feast to Beast:

There are a handful of other tracks, each of which is well done, but maybe not quite on the same level as those I detailed above. Nonetheless, Bleeding Gods is a band to hear and a force sure to make it’s mark on Metal. Be sure to check out Dodekathlon.

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