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My Top Album Anticipations For 2018

January 11, 2018

It’s that time of the year again where we remain hopeful and reflect on what 2018 shall bring us in the realm of metal. A few legendary names are on track to release a new album this year. In addition to the legendary names, there’s some personal favorites that will also be releasing a new album this year as well as solo projects, tour happening soon and much more! I feel like a kid in a candy store sometimes!

Nonetheless, some of these bands are confirmed to be releasing a new album and others on the list although not confirmed, are strongly rumored/on course to release a new album in 2018. In no specific order, here are my top album anticipations for 2018:

Behemoth – Lead man Nergal had talked about releasing a live album in 2017, well it is now confirmed that a live album is set for release this Spring. The band is also currently in the studio recording the follow-up to their most successful album, 2014’s, The Satanist. So a live album and a studio album possibly for this year? We are certainly going to be hella spoiled this year!




Ratt – 2010 was the last year that glam legends, Ratt, released an album. Titled, Infestation, the years brought on litigations and lawsuits as there were fights over who in the band had legal rights of the band’s name. Flash forward to the present and the band hinted that they may be releasing an album in 2018. Singer Stephen Pearcy exclaimed, “I would really love to get that done, actually. I would.” Everything has been going well and been stable and consistent for the band so we may witness a new Ratt album this year.



Within Temptation – Not official in terms of release date but it’s been spilt that a new Within Temptation is currently in the works. Their last album, Hydra, was released about 4 years ago at the beginning of 2014. Nothing else in terms of what to expect has been noted. In addition, lead singer, Sharon Den Adel announced her new solo project, My Indigo, in which she has already released the first single.



Tool – I feel like I put them on my list every year and since the last time the world has head from the world of Tool, drummer Danny Carey confirmed that we will in fact be receiving a new album this year finally. He mentioned that it’s set for release before the summer hits with the album being about 90% complete since this past summer. Apparently some in the metal community have heards bits and pieces of the new album and claim it’s the best they’ve heard of Tool, so we’ll see if they stick to their word. Though they continuously toy with our minds there is also the continuous saying of ‘I’d rather wait a bit longer for a good album than them crank out something average as soon as possible’ or something along those lines. Ya feel me?

Texas Hippie Coalition – These guys have been on my radar on again off again for a while now. According to lead man, ‘Big Dad Ritch’, Texas Hippie Coalition or TLC are set to release a new album in 2018. At this point in time, there isn’t much else to mention other than he mentioned this on an interview on Iowa’s Rock 108 radio station.




Soilwork – We may or may not see an album release this year from the Swedish metallers. They are currently on track to enter the studio later this Spring. The new album will be the follow-up to their 2015 release, The Ride Majestic. Nothing else has been mentioned so at this point, it’s a toss-up.





Dimmu Borgir – Another name to make the list once again, Black metallers, Dimmu Borgir, announced that a new album was supposed to be released sometime mid to late 2017. According to guitarist Silenoz, it looks like the new album is set for release sometime within the first half of this year. They are supposed to release an EP/single titled, Interdimensional Summit, next month and apparently it’s supposed to be heavily influenced from the band’s earlier days so for you hardcore Dimmu fans, this is something we are stoked and should be looking forward to.

Alissa White-Gluz – Arch Enemy frontwoman, Alissa White-Gluz is set to release her debut album this year. For you Jeff Loomis fans, we can expect a lot more original input from him compared to whatever input he made to the last Arch Enemy album, if anything. Input from members of Kamelot, as well as her boyfriend Doyle are also expected in addition to having a lot more clean vocals from Alissa. She made sure to announce that she heard her fan’s plea’s for more clean vocals from her. It’s rare when you see an artist cater to their fans so this should be something all the more special.



The Poodles – Prisma – The album is set for release officially later this month. Glam has been a planted seed in my mind for many years now but within the last year or two, it’s been blooming more than the other genre seeds implanted in me. Yeah I know that’s weird to say. Regardless, if you love modern glam and haven’t listened to them, you can check out the reviews of their last albums, Performocracy and Devil in the Details. Glam refuses to die and I feel is on the verge of a comeback so The Poodles are a great example of a modern glam band to familiarize yourself with.


Leaves’ Eyes – Sign of the Dragonhead – We’ve already reviewed the album for ya. If you haven’t check it out, you can find the album review linked HERE. One of the best albums Leaves’ Eyes albums, I think it’ll survive the test of time and make it on to my end of the year list. Though it’s tragic Liv Kristine is no longer at the helm, the past is past and it’s better to dwell on what is than what could have been. As a fan, I feel for her and the fans but as a music business alum, this is a cut-throat business sometimes as the saying goes. The album is set for release January 12th!

Tengger Cavalry – Cian-Bi – Perhaps the most well-known Mongolian metal band, Tengger Cavalry will be releasing their sixth album via their new home, Napalm Records next month. The album title refers to a tribe that immigrated into Northern China to blend cultural differences. Also, the expression and the idea of multi-culture development, acceptance of diversity and individual freedom paves way to embrace all cultures for everyone, for we all are one tribe, the human tribe. Instrumentally, their music is what you would expect: metal mixed with Asian musical elements, a unique mix overall. Check out our review of their last album HERE.


Well, it looks like a solid start to the year I would say. Are there any band’s you’re looking forward to releasing an album this year? Any albums we should review? Feel free to comment down below or give us a shoutout on our Facebook and/or Twitter pages. We promise we don’t bite. 😉 Stay Metal \m/

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