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WLM Reviews: Threat Signal – Disconnect

November 28, 2017

The 2000’s brought on a plethora of modern metal acts in which some of those bands brought fusion to the metal forefront. It’s been six years since their last release and boy it’s been long awaited. 

Disconnect is the fourth album from Canadian technical metalcore/groove/melodic thrashers, Threat Signal. Recently released earlier this month, the album fresh from their new home, Agonia Records, brings in a ferocious wave of thrash metal with an underlying of groove elements, technicality, and highly memorable melodic moments. Fans have been surely awaiting this highly anticipated album as their last release was in 2011 while the years brought both label and management troubles. ‘Better late than never!’, as the saying goes.

Threat Signal formed in 2003 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. With the release of their first single Rational Eyes on GarageBand.com, that got the attention of and signing onto Nuclear Blast Records. The band went on to release their debut album in 2006 and tour extensively while performing with acts over the years such as Hatebreed, Epica, Children of Bodom, Motorhead, Soilwork, Saxon, Arch Enemy and many other well-known names. Their last two albums also entered the Billboard Heatseekers charts at #32 and #26.

Elimination Process kicks off the album on an extremely groovy notion. Maintaining this tenure, lead singer Jon Howard shows off some great melodic vocality and his signature maniacal screaming. Eventually some eargasmic triplets make their presence known on this heavy hitter. Walking Alone applies the brakes lightly with more of a melodic presence on this track. The mid-tempo atmosphere perfectly compliments the melodic riffs, meanwhile the track’s lyrical content presenting a powerful message of how people seem to become more divided as time goes on.

Exit The Matrix, is where affairs get very, very thrashy. The bombastic momentum keeps up throughout majority of the track while some groove make their way. Supporting leads appear throughout the verses but overall, this surely is a must for the pits. Betrayal tackles love in a more ballady type way. You’ll get majority acoustics with this one, calm and subtle vocals, no drums at all and a rather elusive and ominous atmosphere. Quite a stand out track amongst the rest.

If you just can’t get enough of melodic metal in general, To Thine Own Self Be True is where you’ll get your fix. From the harmonic happy sounding chorus to the killer arpeggiated shred solo later on you’ll also get a wicked injection of technical guitar work, tight riffing and double bass. You’ll be in quite for a treat at the end where the band launches a ten-minute track titled Terminal Madness. Of course you’ll get lots of progressive aptitude, eargasmic dual soloing and harmonics, chugging, breakdowns, the works. Overall, this is for the most part what the band has shown off over the years in one very well put-together track. A great ending for their return.

Though the album took 6 years to come to fruition, it was so worth it. No one track sounds alike with the entire album giving enough variety and unpredictability to keep the masses stimulated and satisfied. It’s amazing to see them still going at it after many of the bands in similar leagues are retiring or just not as popular as they used to be. But hopefully their return initiates a new wave of Threat Signal and hopefully does not take another 6 years for their next album. Nonetheless, fans will be pleased with their return album as am I and cannot wait for their next release! Stay Metal \m/

Official Website: http://threatsignal.weebly.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/threatsignal/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/threatsignal?lang=en

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