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WLM Reviews: Souldrinker – War Is Coming

November 23, 2017

Another supergroup among the midst, Souldrinker recently released their bombastic album, War Is Coming. Their debut album, it comes with a generous heaping of toughness and a side of memorable choruses. 

Founded in 2013, the German-Austrian act was started by lead singer Iris Boanta and Mystic Prophecy guitarist Markus Pohl. Eventually the rest of the members, bassist Chris Rodens and drummer Steffen Theurer joined the ranks and the band went on to release two EP’s. On an interesting note, the band is currently signed onto El Puerto Records, which was founded by Brainstorm guitarist, Torsten Ihlenfeld. The band, in their handful of years together have gone on to tour with and share the stage with many big names such as Morbid Angel, Delain, Powerwolf, Visions of Atlantis and of course Brainstorm, among other names as well. War Is Coming is what pretty much any melodic and power metal fan could want: melody, atmosphere, strong vocals at the forefront, riff driven tracks, traditional metal elements and more! According to the band they have a dash of Amon Amarth mixed with some Pantera and some Lamb of God.

Power Metal at its finest, Let The King Bleed, comes strong especially with vocalist Iris Boanta at the helm. A ‘big epic picture’ chorus is what you’ll get with this outstanding opener with a refined rhythm section from guitartist Markus Pohl. The self-titled track, Souldrinker is where things gets riffy and groovy. The exquisite force behind this one is surely to be a favorite amongst the album as it’s highly addictive nature will grab on and not let go. I surely played this one over and over. To The Tick is a heavy hitter, in it’s dominated double-bass nature, groove machine atmosphere, the lyrical content is also uplifting and encouraging. This is a perfect track to listen to when you that extra energy.

Who doesn’t like to take it to the next level? In Raise The Flag, the band takes the heaviness to another level with more down-tuned riffs and a direct chug-a-lug approach. This is the more modern sounding tracks of the bunch. Speaking of modern, Voices, comes with a more badass attitude to it. Sticking with their signature grooviness, you’ll also get some great lead solos and an upbeat energetic atmosphere all around. With lots of wah, there’s a very Zakk Wylde sounding solo with this one, also attributing to the songs badass imagery. Giving one last impact on their debut album, aptly titled as Final Stand, there’s an impressive and unexpected surge of everything here. The most headbanger friendly of all the tracks, there’s a plethora of double bass, enticing and actively vivid riffs, definitive basslines and superb lyrical content brought to us by Iris.

Overall, this is a strong debut album to start their journey on. There’s a little bit of everything for just about everyone. The production quality of the album is very polished and has a real professional feel to that reminds me of some of the bigger names out there. I think they can out-do themselves on their next release and whatever formula they used for this album, I say keep and and continue to build on it. They have the potential to gain more attention as well as the album having astute factors and a very convincing performance. Stay Metal \m/

Official Website: http://war.souldrinker.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/souldrinkerband
Twitter: https://twitter.com/souldrinker667

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