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WLM Reviews: Annihilator – For the Demented

November 11, 2017

Though he did not originate the phrase, Benjamin Franklin once wrote that “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” I am going to gladly add Annihilator to that list. We can also be certain about what is coming when Jeff Waters and his bandmates drop an album.

For the Demented (Silver Lining Music) is album number 16 (!) from this crazed Canadian. Waters is undoubtedly one of the most committed men in Metal, having achieved little acclaim over the last almost 30 years, yet still plugging away, putting out a fantastic product for those of us in the know. Maybe he’s committed in more than one way.

Twisted Lobotomy starts off the festivities. This is typical Annihilator, invoking the style of the early incarnation of the band combined with a full-on Thrash assault sure to induce headbanging. This one is pretty intense. Waters follows up with One to Kill, reminding me of something we might have heard on Refresh the Demon or King of the Kill. The title track has some of that mid-career stomping Annihilator sound as well, supplemented with a wickedly good riff during the chorus. The instrumental section in the middle seems a bit out of place, but doesn’t detract too much. This trio is a fantastic way to start an Annihilator album.

The ballad is next in Pieces of You. Never really cared for Annihilator’s attempts at such. This one is OK at best. Granted the lyrical content is quite disturbing, I suppose to act as a counter to the music. The Demon You Know is quite similar to other Annihilator tracks in which the guitar drops out and the verse is delivered over a bass line. Heard this before in Knight Jumps Queen. Still, this is a good song with the Annihilator kick. Phantom Asylum is where we hear Waters stretching himself and trying something different. While it starts as a typical Annihilator song, it evolves into an almost atmospheric song in the middle before jumping back into an uptempo gear.

Altering the Altar proves to be an uptempo blast of technical Thrash, full of pyrotechnic guitar playing. One of the more compelling songs for sure. The Way certainly has a twist that is out of the norm for Annihilator. Nearly a straight ahead rock song, with few Metal elements aside from the intense guitar solo. Get a bit of a Freak Kitchen feel from it as well. Not All There finishes things out. It’s yet another song that sees Annihilator exploring both known and different musical approaches, from flat out old-school Annihilator Thrash to a funky breakdown to a melodic, flowing section.

Check out Twisted Lobotomy:

Yep, another solid one from Annihilator. Somehow, I sometimes forget that Waters and Annihilator are part of my Metal collection, but when they pop up, it’s always a good thing. For the Demented once again shows that Waters still has a lot to say and offer to the Metal community, and I’m glad he’s speaking to me.

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