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WLM Reviews: Nachtblut – Apostasie

October 25, 2017

This is one of the more pissed off albums I’ve heard in a while. Pair that with some very dark elements and you have yourself something evil in your presence. 

Apostasie is the recently released fifth album from German dark metallers, Nachtblut. The album brings the aforementioned dark elements in addition to some industrial elements, gothic elements, black and death metal elements with the album overall just embracing and blasting a pissed off attitude. If the instrumentals don’t entice you then perhaps the lyrical content of several of the tracks may convince you otherwise. I was a little sentimental that I never jumped on board and became a fan of the band years ago as many eargasms were triggered for me throughout the album. So after hearing it through, I was certainly appeased at the entire heaviness the album upholds. If you like Varg, Finsterforst, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter and similarly sounding and structured bands, I think Nachtblut should be the latest addition to your library.

Opening the dark gates to the album, Multikulturell, wastes no time in setting up the atmosphere. With some industrial groove leading the way to some haunting symphonics the track has an evil gothic tone to it. The track does stir some mixed emotions as the track is dedicated to the racists out there as the anti-racist themed track is also accompanied by an torterous video. Whether you agree or disagree with their message, you can’t deny the dark essence already summoned within the first few minutes alone. It won’t be long before you’ll get wicked and angry later on in the album such as in the track, Scheinfromm. A little more on the industrial side, I guess lyrics growled in German naturally sound angrier than usual in metal. There’s some light electronics in the mix as well. Or perhaps you want something slightly epic, folky with some wind instruments? Be sure to check out Lied fur die Gotter as you’ll hear a triumphant mix of sounds.

Geboren um zu leben is without a doubt the most unique track of the album as you’ll be transported to a cybergoth, industrial dark rave full of blasting riffs and electronics from every direction. I’ll admit this is one of my favorites and is extremely catchy. Frauenausbeiner is what I like to call death n’ roll as the very catchy and 4/4 time progression give this simpler structured tune another memorable moment. There’s the growling and the heavy riffs and when combined with the groovy tempo you have yourself an invitation. Einsam is an epic ballad that features Aeva Maurelle who currently fronts Aeverium and also filled in at live shows for Xandria when she was needed. This one will surely be a hit or miss with many of you as this is the slowest track on the album. Don’t leave just yet for the title track which closes the album is hands down one of the heaviest tracks, if not the heaviest on Apostasie. If you want another definition of epic, the band will blow you away as their might, anger and energy all intertwine to possess you. There’s insane double bass, savage screams, lots of opportunity to headbang, melody, symphonics, the works, they couldn’t have chosen a better track to end on.

There’s a wide array of temperments and elements of course which is something more bands are doing nowadays which is certainly the smart thing to do. As genres have been blending over time, Nachtblut certainly have been harnessing that power and using it to create memorable albums like this one. There’s enough on this album that I think anyone will be able to connect with at least one track, if not certainly more. Like I said, this album just gives off a pissed off vibe to it so if there’s a ton of anger inside you with what’s going on in this world, you’ll feel much more alive with ApostasieStay Metal \m/

Official Website: http://nachtblut.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nachtblutgefluester/

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