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WLM Reviews: Lord of the Lost – Swan Songs II

October 12, 2017

2015 was a big deal for Lord of the Lost as their first acoustic release was a success. Two years later and their next unplugged album is here. Can their next chapter be deemed the same? 

Swan Songs II is the latest album from the Hamburg area metallers which incorporates some gothic, orchestral and string accompaniments. The band has gone on the recruit new blood yet remaining faithful and true to themselves. Personally, this new album shows off that one can still boast a metal style but at the same time go on and show a more intimate and new face of yourself that not many acts take on. On an interesting note, the band was supposed to enter U.S. soil a few weeks ago to tour alongside industrial giants, KMFDM, but were unable to do so as U.S. immigration repeatedly asked for proper documentation from the band even though they claim they’ve met every demand and did everything right and worked with one of the top legal firms that work with entertainment artists. Unfortunately, that’s one of the issues of the touring industry. But alas, we will see them soon nonetheless.

Waiting For You To Die launches the album quite eloquently. You’ll get some acoustics and when paired with vocalist, Chris Harms’, vocals  create for quite an excustion. There’s plenty of rhythm changes and a high-tempo tenacity to this memorable opener. The Broken Ones is one of the more string oriented tracks. There’s a fast energetic burst here before the track intermittently stops and the vocals appear. If you love harmonization, check this one out as the vocals and instrumentals really go well together in the latter half. Perhaps you’re more into tracks with focus on the instrumentals? Wander In Sable, enters with a nice long intrumental intro which eventually gains pace and speed. This more cinematic style track is certainly for fans of such elements as I feel this one will be a hit or miss with most of you.

We Were Divine has a more innocent and intimate character to it. This is where their gothic side comes out to play as you’ll be injected with some dark tendencies, instrumental breaks and a subtle increase in sound. From The Brink Of The Other World, also brings in some lengthy instrumetal affairs. There isn’t much of a vocal presence as the vocals remain at the bay but do intercede at a most appropriate time which give the track another effect that would have been lacking if it wasn’t for the said vocals. Fall Asleep is lyrically potent and easily the most appropriate of endings as this more tranquil track is dominated by the the vocals. I would say this track is most appropriate for a meditative and tranquil atmosphere if that’s your thing.

Overall, Lord of the Lost seem to know how to offer heartfelt emotion on this album and if you don’t mind tapping into your emotions, try Swan Songs II. A bit of a heads up to the crazy of metalheads, there is a heightened operatic sense, cinematic elements and dark emotions with every arrangement. That may turn some of you off but once the effects sink in, it’ll be well worth the investment in all aspects. Stay Metal \m/

Official Websitehttp://lordofthelost.de/

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