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WLM Reviews: Gothminister – The Other Side

October 4, 2017

You ever come across a band or get introduced to a band that you totally get into and then wonder why you never jumped on board a long time ago? Yeah, well that’s what happened to me with Gothminister

Founded in 1999 in Norway, the quartet has released five albums thus far and that number will conveniently be six on Friday the 13th of October conveniently. A perfectly timed release, the album itself has some perfect tendencies as well as you’ll be exposed to dire industrial elements including the obvious gothic elements, some electronics, orchestras, choirs and just an aggressive and relentless assault of metal riffs. Some have gone as far as calling Gothminister “Rammstein 2.0” or related as the sound is somewhat similar to the German industrial giants. But whether you agree or agree to disagree, The Other Side is perhaps one of the most underrated albums you’ll hear this year. The album is the follow-up to their 2013 album, Utopia and if you don’t believe how successful Gothminister is, travel overseas where their shows tend to sell pretty quickly.

You’ll enter Ich Will Alles in the most industrial of ways. Riff driven and grooviness is what you’ll get here and if you love industrial, this track is pretty synonymous with the scene. The Sun is in some ways trancy. What I mean by that is the electronics create an eerie essence that kind looms over you. You know it’s there and is quite obvious but without it, this more mid-tempo style track might have been lacking had it not been for the said electronic ambience. Der Fliegende Mann follows similar suit to the first track in its aggressive style but maybe you want something less agressive, less industrial and more to the band’s gothic side? You’ll undoubtedly find that in Aegir. This more sentimental, almost ballady style track is much slower, comes with clean melodic singing and some luminous melodic instrumentals as well but really stays in line with the gothic atmosphere.

If you like the more melodic oriented tracks, maybe even throw some female vocals in the mix, check out We Are The Ones Who Rule The World. It’s what an industrial track would sound like if it goes melodic. The female vocals add a touch of uniqueness meanwhile the double-bass driven chorus give it a balance of aggression paired with the headbanging nature and gloomy verses. All This Time has some remnants of nu-metal mixed in with dashes of electronics. This is certainly one of the groovier, catchier tracks that steers away from the industrial dominance of the album. The final track on the album, Somewhere In Time, comes in with some demonic vocals that create quite a gasping performance. There isn’t an obvious realization of electronics here, rather, it’s much more on the symphonic side with a slightly epic feel to it. The track is slower but heavier than the majority and really fits as the closing track to this memorable album.

I wasn’t expecting the album to be as good as I had experienced. For you already fans of Gothminister, I think you’ll enjoy this one and even if you’ve never heard of the name but don’t mind industrial metal, then by all means, give this album a listen. There was a track or two here and there that took me a while to digest longer than the others but overall the album flows really well in temperment and transition. Could this be a contender for top 13 albums of 2017? I think so and if I could, I would give this album a #1 rating for the album I was not expecting to make my list. I certainly got thrown of this time around in an eargasmic way and you may as well. I am pretty stoked to hear what he has up his sleeve for the next album but for now let’s indulge into this other worldy album as it’s known as The Other SideStay Metal \m/

Official Website: http://www.gothminister.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialgothminister
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gothminister

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