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WLM Reviews: Alpha Tiger – Alpha Tiger

September 8, 2017

When this album popped into my inbox, I was a little hesitant to check it out. But after realizing they’re a familiar name around here, I knew I was not going to be let down. 

Alpha Tiger is a power metal band out of Germany and recently released their latest, self-titled album via Steamhammer. Considering there’s a new singer this time around by the name of Benjamin Jaino, fresh blood usually almost always is a good thing. Then again, there’s only so much that is usually seen and heard in the realm of power metal which can be said about other genres as well. But what I really like about this album is the extreme use of melodic riffs and interestingly enough for the audio fanatics out there, the album was recorded in analog format which usually comes with a more natural organic sound that has a slight throwback effect, not so polished with new talent nowadays. Nonetheless, the production quality is solid with this their fourth album.

After the intro track, Road to Vega, in which things get eerie, electronic and harmonic, you’ll experience a more wild journey in Comatose. This fast-paced opener paves way to some more traditional metal and some thrashy drums. The track stresses this world of smartphone addiction that we are in. Singularity has some NWOBHM influence to it, especially in the leads which made me reminisce of my Iron Maiden days and more because Benjamin almost sounded like Bruce Dickinson at some points.

My Dear Old Friend felt like I was attending a funeral. First because of the organs, second because of the name of the song and lastly because of the temperament the track had. Much more on the tame side, the lyrics prove as such. I think the band saved the best track for the end, personally. Aptly titled, The Last Encore, there’s a mixup of electronics and a steadfast, go-happy metal atmosphere. The tremolo style harmonics that are quite dominant here almost give the track an experimental/indie feel to it but nonetheless, this was my personal choice of the album.

Yes, it’s true that these songs are very organic and as natural sounding as they come. Though this album claims to trek along the lines of power metal, there’s more that meets the ear when you take a dip into the latest efforts from German quintet. But anyone who has a thing or two for traditional metal may want to take a shot at the album without hesitation.

Official Website: http://alphatiger.de/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlphaTigerBand/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/alphatigerband

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