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WLM Reviews: Arch Enemy – Will to Power

September 4, 2017

Ever since the torch was passed on, metal titans, Arch Enemy have been rising exceedingly fast. Though they’ve been around for many years, we have yet to see it all from the metal masterminds. 

This is the second album with charismatic and captivating lead woman, Alissa White-Gluz as she took over the reigns in 2014 as longtime frontwoman, Angela Gossow, stepped down in order to focus on being the band’s manager full-time. Their 2014 album, War Eternal, proved to easily be their most successful album and although there were mixed opinions which always comes with change, personally, I would agree that the success is well deserving. Their milestone tenth album is set for release September 8, 2017 and is also the first album with strong guitarist  Jeff Loomis whom joined in late 2014 as well. The tenth album titled, Will to Power, features twelve tracks, two of which are instrumental, meanwhile the remainder of the metal tracks bring in a wide assortment of temperments, some surprises and overall what could be deemed their best album in a while. After listening to it from start to end, Arch Enemy have easily outdone themselves with this one and that may be an understatement.

With the instrumental and climactic opener, Set Flame To The Night, that sets things up on a dark level, it’s not long before you’ll experience the wrath and manical wickedness of The Race. Longtime fans may detect a hint of old school Arch Enemy with this fast paced heavy hitter. The track is perfect for the mosh pits and headbangers out there. Similarly, Blood In The Water is also another heavy hitter with more signature melodic guitarwork that the band has been known for to crank out. You’ll be treated to some more anthemic notions in The World Is Yours. With lyrics of optimistic tendencies and soaring guitars, leads, solos and more, this is just the track for that someone who needs courage and some metal uplifting.

The Eagle Flies Alone is by far epic. Another lyrically potent track, just everything that this track features is downright the perfect recipe for epicness. As us in the metal community tend to be outcasts in our society, I don’t think it gets any better with the lyrics, “I, I go my own way. I swim against the stream forever. I will fight the powers that be. The eagle flies alone.” What if Arch Enemy put out a ballad? What would it sound like? I think it would go by the name of Reason To Believe. The track is the first in the history of the band’s to have clean singing and of course the first time they put out a ballad. Alissa White-Gluz’s clean singing is just as good as her signature growling with the track overall putting emphasis on how there is a reason to live, there is a reason to go on, there is a reason to believe in this life.

First Day In Hell will gallop its way into your metal hearts. What took me by surprise was the heavier than thou gutterals that Alissa invoked on this one. The addition of the bass drops make this track extremely and I mean extremely heavy. By all means, check it out. My Shadow And I has a fight or flight tone to it. Overall, it’s in your face, very aggressive and badass in a way. The guitar leads create such an atmosphere, it’s tracks like these that make you wonder how such a glorious track could be born thanks to guitar genius Michael Amott. I don’t think the leads get any more epic such as the eargasmic intro to the closing track, A Fight I Must Win. You’ll come across an extremely catchy mid-tempo atmosphere initially before a riff-driven chorus kicks in with some light symphonics supporting the track. There’s a trigger of temperments with some wicked violins and string instruments driving a chilly note down your spine with such an eerie ending.

Fans will be pleased with this release, I can attest to that. For one, this album goes on a more direct metal approach compared to their last album which had more symphonic elements attached. The triumphant lyrical content of many of the tracks will only urge for the beast within you to come out. Overall, everything tied together perfectly hence the album’s title, Will to Power. You don’t come across many albums that really invoke something within you but this album will fuel you with something that is just unexplainable. There’s a reason why these guys continue to be in my top rankings and on top of their metal game. You’ll have to experience the wonders and essence of this album and as long as we have bands like Arch Enemy, metal will continue to triumph. Without a doubt, one of the best or thee best release of 2017. Stay Metal \m/

Official Website: http://www.archenemy.net/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/archenemyofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/archenemymetal

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