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WLM Reviews: Accept – The Rise of Chaos

August 20, 2017

I would venture a guess that Accept has been around for longer than most of our readers. They collectively turned 40 last year, but with the last few albums, to include The Rise of Chaos on Nuclear Blast, you’d hardly know it.

Since Accept’s reformation in 2009, they’ve cranked out four very good albums, including this one. I was never much of a fan during the Dirkschneider years, but since Mark Tornillo joined, I’ve definitely been on board with the German stalwarts. Playing a no frills style of straight ahead Heavy Metal, the band continues to push out their music, and it’s worth hearing. Something maybe a bit different on The Rise of Chaos is the lyrics. Most are interpretable, not necessarily specific but able to be applied to personal situations. Musically, if you’ve heard Blood of the Nations, Blind Rage, or Stalingrad, you know what you’ll get here.

Front to back, this is a strong album, save for a song or two. Die by the Sword opens it up as the kind of track I expected – up tempo, simple but great riffs, gruff vocals from Tornillo, excellent leads. Nothing specific in the lyrics, but my interpretation is that it’s about the Taliban or maybe ISIS. I might be incorrect. One of my favorites follows in Hole in the Head. Again, the lyrical interpretation can be a number of things – drugs, alcohol, some other addiction, or maybe it’s about a person. The song is a mid-paced rocker with many of the same positives – simple heavy riffs, Tornillo, and wicked guitar solos and leads. Digging the title track, especially the instrumental and half speed sections that feel extra heavy. The weakest spot of The Rise of Chaos is the song Koolaid, a track about an escapee from the Jim Jones massacre in South America in the 70s. Decent story, but the song as a whole doesn’t do much for me. Accept turns it around with the next song, No Regrets. The fastest song on the album, it’s a chunk of aggression and great Metal attitude. A slight criticism I have is of the pre-chorus, which I think is a bit too soft in comparison to the rest of the song. Tremendous soloing on this one.

Analog Man ventures into AC/DC territory with its riffing and Tornillo channeling Brian Johnson. The lyrics are kind of funny too, taking a Luddite approach to all of the tech we have at our disposal now. What’s Done is Done, lyrically resembles No Regrets. Musically it’s good, but nothing here that really blows me away. The solos, once again, are well done though. Worlds Colliding is also a decent enough song, with good execution, but nothing that really grabs me. The last couple of songs are in the upper echelon of quality. Carry the Weight carries a message of positivity despite all of the insanity in the world (Brexit, climate change, nukes, etc.). Metal-wise it’s pretty good too – an up tempo blast of energy almost non-stop from beginning to end. The closer, Race to Extinction, is lyrically similar – a statement on the state of thing. Musically, I think it’s similar to the previous track as well, up-tempo, double bass fueled. The riffing seems to be a little darker than most anything else on the album.

Check out the title track:

Accept has certainly earned a place in my music collection. Doubtless it’s mainly due to a sense of renewed energy on the part of the musicians and the addition of Tornillo. I’m really liking what the band is doing lately and The Rise of Chaos is a superb example of where the Germans are on their musical journey as a premiere name in Heavy Metal.

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