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WLM Reviews: Seven Spires – Solveig

August 11, 2017

The term ‘Solveig’ refers to a lost soul that wonders the underworld in a robe of some sort, as depicted by the album cover for the most part. East-coast metallers, Seven Spires, recently released their debut album titled Solveig. Is it worth diving into? 

Lead by front woman, Adrienne Cowan, this album which revolves around the likenesses of melodic death, gothic, symphonic and power metal, the album has just a bit of something for nearly everyone to be enticed by. The album, over an hour in length with 15 tracks, gives the listener a roller coaster experience with some tracks remaining on the more reserved level meanwhile other tracks just downright inject you with some maniacal adrenaline. Personally, if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy the album for it’s unpredictability, variety and plethora of satisfying elements. This multi-layer release may be one of the more unique releases I’ve listened to in some time, with the album being a concept album and a high and professionally polished sound quality that is really appealing.

The Siren introduces the album instrumentally. The instrumental opener is truly one of the best I’ve ever heard from an up and coming act which will stir you in the right way and get you stoked for what’s to come. From there, you’ll be exposed to the bombastic nature of Encounter. While it’s hard not to headbang from the teamwork of riffs and blast beats, the backing choirs add a stimulation that made me curious what else the band has up their metal sleeve. The first single of the album, The Cabaret of Dreams, has a dominant groovy atmosphere in the first half. In the latter half, is where affairs get evil and terrorizing with some tasty breakdowns, eargasmic double bass, growls and stimulating symphonics to create a diabolically sounding track. I wasn’t a fan of the first half but the second half is definitely mesmerizing.

Following similar suit, Closure, had me wonderstruck as the track eventually shifts towards an Arch Enemy sound. While the gothy presence paired with pianos will lead the track for the majority, you’ll get a taste of some eargasmic melodeath towards the end. Don’t turn away just yet, for in 100 Days, is where the tone gets sentimental and melancholy. The clean vocals from Adrienne Cowan, really went above my expectations meanwhile the acoustics set things up for the drums to come in and almost create a dark ballad, if that makes sense. When you talk about 100 days of darkness, I think that’s a pretty epic and dark theme right there.

I was waiting for a track like Serenity to hit my ears just the right way. From the initial diabolical scream, to the rigorous driven force behind the double bass, the galloping riffs, this is where their true melodic death side comes out. You’ll want to stick around for the killer solo that shreds like no others and with that double bass, I almost wanted to shed a tear, wow. While there are some extreme and dark elements throughout the album, I was very much pleased with the epic track, Distant Lights. Some great leads lead the way to a solid mid-tempo like ambience with a majestic and grandiose chorus that is backed up by some double bass that is synonymous with ‘epic metal’. If you’re looking for their more power metal side, I think you’ll really enjoy Ashes. The soaring clean vocals paired with typical power metal riffs and leads intertwine to create a confident and triumphant power metal sound. Personally, this is one of my favorites from the album.

A beautiful score/instrumental closes out the album which was completely unexpected. Usually most albums start with an instrumental and that’s all you’ll hear but that’s not the case with these guys. It’s true, this album is very much different and is original in its own way. From extreme elements to more tame and serene moments, the album lives up to it’s standard. It’s been some time since an album had me wanting to replay it again and again and hopefully it gives you the same effect when you check it out. So yes, this album is surely worth your time and while the more direct metalheads may encounter a handful of tracks they may like, if you’re a more open and well-rounded metalhead, I think this one is worth investing your time into. They’ve had the opportunity to play with bands like Arch Enemy, Apocalyptica and more so I would say they are surely on their way up the metal totem pole. Keep them under your radar, I have a feeling and hope these guys stick around for a long time to come. Stay Metal \m/

Great Album

Official Website: https://www.sevenspiresband.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sevenspiresband
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SevenSpiresBand/

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