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WLM Reviews: Inglorious – II

August 9, 2017

I’ve been expanding my tastes lately which leads to today’s artist. Inglorious, out of The UK bring their sophomore album to the masses titled, IIStraight off Frontiers Records, this album brings in remnants and elements of hard rock, bluesy rock, hints of sleaze, and classic rock as well. From start to end, you’ll get some solid tracks that serve up grooviness, catchiness, memorable vocals, hooks and more, this album may be on the more simplistic side and may challenge you to expand your musical horizons a bit. I had dabbled a bit and took a quick listen to their previous debut album and from what I could tell, there really isn’t anything new they’ve introduced this time around so for those who’ve had the opportunity to listen to their first album and enjoyed it, the same can be said with their second release.

I Don’t Need Your Loving, would probably have made the charts years ago back when classic rock was at it’s peak. What I felt like is a Whitensnake meets Boston sound, you may also find that vocalist Nathan James has a familiar yet distinct sound to his voice. If you really want to rock then check out Read All About It. This high-driven rock anthem comes with a catchy tune and memorable chorus that take me back to the grunge days. You’ll hear lots off riff-driven forte and changeups come quite often.

Of course what was big back in the day too were ballads/powerballads and this is no different for you will experience such an atmosphere in Making Me Pay. Vocalist Nathan James proves his vocal worth once more as his wide range of vocal strength is quite obvious. A touch of the classic Mississippi Queen, is what you’ll get meanwhile some melodic guitar parts create a groovy essence that takes over majority of the track. Hell Or High Water, is where the leather jackets and motorcycle come out. In all seriousness, that’s what you’ll get, a serious and badass attitude with a steadfast progression overtaking the atmosphere and I was relieved to hear a kickass solo later on as some great solos were lacking up until this point.

Black Magic is an appropriate title for a track that has some more serious sounding riffing. As is the case, the lyrics take on an obvious darker nature and provide the listener with some good ole’ southern hospitality in the form of good tunes. Faraway, though is about 4 and a half minutes is one of the two longer tracks of the album. A great hook entice the listener intially, with the tracks starting out softly leading way to a climax and the rock building up to slight headbanger. Personally, the track is the best structured one on the album which I think the band may have wanted one of the best tracks towards the end of the album. High Class Woman is also a personal favorite and the final track. The vocals really get high here, you’ll hear some tamborine and even some double bass eventually, a kickass solo with lots of note bends and wah.

As this is a very, very, very rare time we showcase a not-metal band, maybe this southern rock edge these guys bring may entice you to expand your horizons. When bands try and duplicate a sound that was prevalent years ago, not many succeed in owning it and making it their own but once in a while you come across an act like Inglorious, and still have faith that past genres/sounds continue to influence us today. If you’re looking for a classic take from a new and up and coming name, this album most likely will be up your alley. Oh, and that album cover is pretty badass I would say. Stay Metal \m/

Official Website: http://inglorious.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/weareinglorious/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/weareinglorious

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