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We Love Other Stuff: Paradisolation by Spirit Of The Wildfire

August 5, 2017

Spirit Of The Wildfire is a band based in Nova Scotia, Canada which iTunes blandly stuffs into the “Rock” genre. This labelling is an unfortunate simplification of a surprisingly diverse and versatile group. The band dabbles in a wide range of sounds, exploring reggae, metal, high-paced rock and punk.

One of the tracks off their latest album, Paradisolation, is called “370” and the best way I can describe its sound is aggressive punk meets Great Big Sea style folk music. It’s a description that, sadly, falls short of the acoustic experience.

The eleven songs on Paradisolation are mostly short, high-energy tracks and the entire album, while it covers a lot of variety, clocks in at less than 35 minutes in length. But while it is short, the album is quite an experience in sound. It’s like going to one of those restaurants where the portions are really tiny (barely a taste), but they bring you a dozen delicious courses throughout the evening.

That is what Paradisolation is: eleven courses of experimental, wild, often aggressive music. Whether Spirit Of The Wildfire is mixing rock and rap sounds in “Jump Ship” or rocking out with an almost Bare Naked Ladies style high-speed approach in “Papermill”, the group never stops stirring the sounds in the listener’s ear. The group is bold, daring, trying every spice in their instrumental kitchen to see what flavours we like best.

Usually, when faced with an album that tries a little bit of everything, I get the impression that the group simply has not found “their sound” yet. Some groups throw everything they’ve got at the wall to see what sticks – what ignites the audience. I don’t think that is what Spirit Of The Wildfire is doing here. Partly because Paradisolation is not their first album, this is their sophomore effort. But, more importantly, Paradisolation has a polished feel to it that even more narrowly focused albums do not.

The members of Spirit Of The Wildfire are not bumbling about, tripping over different styles, they are sharing the range of their talents and they tackle each genre with surprising skill. Whether they’re going hot-n-fast in “Buried Alive” or chilling on their closing “Supernova” track, the group performs beautifully. Listening to Paradisolation is akin to visiting a magic show where the magician saws a lady in half, tells jokes, does card tricks and makes a house disappear. The variety keeps the listener focused by constantly providing something new.

You can check out Spirit Of The Wildfire on their Facebook page, on iTunes and on Bandcamp.

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One Response to We Love Other Stuff: Paradisolation by Spirit Of The Wildfire

  1. Harley on August 10, 2017 at 4:53 pm

    Get a definite Rage Against the Machine vibe from the video.

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