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WLM Reviews: Sharzall – Black Sun

August 3, 2017

Slovakia is not really known for their contribution to the metal community. While the majority of metal comes from the usual places, let’s take a dip into some material of a conglomerate nature. 2015 was the year that this band known as Sharzall was born. Having been around for about two years now, the gothic/post-punk/dark rock quintet come with their debut album, Dark Sun. The mix of genres is somewhat unique and I would throw in some groove and light symphonics in that mix and maybe a little stoner rock as well. Fans of Deathstars, The 69 Eyes, Gothminister, Amorphis and similar gothic acts may find pleasure in this debut release. Some of the dark elements and sounds throughout the album made me want to go back to my Hot Topic days, whip out the pentagram necklace, paint my nails blacks, grow a devils lock and drink a glass of wine. In all seriousness, the album is pretty ominous, eerie and all hauntingly matters.

Prologue opens the album up instrumentally. Ambience, tribal drums and more create this score-like opener before the album heads into the first energetic and groovy tune known as Hell Quit. Very much on the hard-rock vibe, you’ll hear some light symphonic synths backing this one with some definitive basslines also making an obvious presence. Crisis had me hooked with it’s atmospheric entrance before launching in an Amorphis sounding nature. The screaming vocals present some attuned emotion while the melodic solo adds an eargasmic touch. Overall, this track had a pleasing presence of everything.

Love Is On The Ground has a slightly sentimental tone at least in the lyrics. The music does match that mood somewhat with the leads going above and beyond what I had anticipated and a slower paced feel throughout. For you atmospheric keyboards fanatics, you’ll want to take a listen to Death March, as the backing symphonics and keys make a dominative presence at this point. If you love groovy licks and above-par solos, make sure to stick around for that too. The final track, Frozen Touch, which comes in at just over six-minutes, starts out on the industrial note. It won’t be long before you’ll hear the keyboards come in again shifting things towards their more dark rock oriented sound. For a track such as lengthy as this one, I was expecting something epic but I guess I’ve just been too spoiled lately with nothing but epic music. The direct and simplistic approach is not bad at all with general riffing and a steady progression coming from the drum side and then lots of filler and punding of the drums to make a dramatic exit.

If you’re like me and enjoy synthy keyboards, I think you’ll find at least one track on here you’ll enjoy not to mention the solid melodic guitarwork that makes an appearance many a time. I wouldn’t necessarily say that headbanging tenacities are found in this album as gothic rock/metal doesn’t really focus on that and more on creating an atmosphere and trigger your emotions a bit. But I did find the album did create a great evil and a dark mood within me so I found that pleasing. You won’t find anything shocking or out of the ordinary here so don’t expect any surprises. Rather, enjoy it for what it is and remember that not everything needs to go above and beyond in all aspect. I feel the band wanted to create something to their liking rather than try and sound like a duplicate of another act. Another decent album nonetheless. Stay Metal \m/

Great Album

Official Website: http://www.sharzall.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/www.sharzall.sk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sharzall

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