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WLM Reviews: Wilderness Dream – Paralysis Rise

July 9, 2017

Hailing from the Bay Area, the quartet known as Wilderness Dream takes some of their geographic influences combining them with a ferocity of Death Metal and a touch of blackened heaviness.

On their Paralysis Rise EP (Creator-Destructor Records), Wilderness Dream unleashes a fury of thrashy bombs in compact fashion. Clocking in at just 20 minutes, the seven tracks here show the band’s ability to take influences and make them something that sounds fresh. Undoubtedly, the engine that runs this machine is the fantastic riff writing and execution. Sure there is a solid foundation with the rhythm section plugging away at breakneck speed or crushing heaviness and in your face vocals bordering on a venomous assault, but the twin guitar attack is what really does it for me.

The presentation of dissonant, razor-sharp riffs, and unpredictable, chaotic song structures makes Paralysis Rise the tasty slab of Metal that it is. The opening instrumental track Venom, annihilates all and is unfortunately far too short. If this one doesn’t induce some head banging, then you are a lost cause. Ghosts comes out full speed ahead, blasting everything in its path and likely will cause some uncontrolled thrashing. Just at the halfway point, the band slows to a stomping tempo, bringing the heavy just like we like it. The Awakening alternates between an intense up-tempo and punishing slower sections. Both are seriously heavy. The non-stop assault continues with Spiritual Predator, a song that, at just 3 minutes, bludgeons from the opening straight through to the end with speed and aggression.

The Lie is much the same as the prior track, just a fist that keeps punching you in the face. It’s essentially unrelenting. The breakdown section is excellent, albeit too short. A foot-stomping headbanger follows in No Light. Though Wilderness Dream takes the tempo down a notch, it’s certainly no less heavy. The Observer is an onslaught of speed, riffs, and anger driven by guitarist/vocalist Ben Murray’s caustically spit-out lyrics – a fitting way to close out the recording. The twin guitar part is a departure from the norm of this EP, making this song stand out. The razor sharp riffing really makes this track.

Check out The Observer:

A nice, tasty surprise that I’m glad I got to hear.  Wilderness Dream might not be all that original, but I enjoy what they put together here.  Maybe they’ll get the chance to spread their music outside of the Bay Area.  Check out Paralysis Rise if you liked The Observer.

I hear the sound in a Metal way.

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