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WLM Reviews: Vintersorg – Till Fjälls, del II

June 18, 2017

Though I haven’t heard the original, Vintersorg’s new album, Till Fjälls, del II (To the Mountains, part II) on Napalm Records, is the sequel to the band’s 1998 debut release.

If you’re familiar with Vintersorg and the style of music the band makes, Till Fjälls, del II will be no surprise to you. Vintersorg has a certain approach and sound that is immediately recognizable. Though many might classify this somewhere in the Black Metal realm, I have a difficult time doing so, aside from the BM type of screams and the occasional BM guitar playing. Musically we have an epic take on Metal, at times wending its way through a Folky melody, sometimes evoking a placid dream, and brutally assaulting at others.  There is also a Prog Metal element to the whole affair.  It’s really an amalgam of a number of different genres presented as

The thing that really sets Vintersorg apart is the clean singing. Andreas Hedlund has a fantastic voice – I could listen to him sing anything. Frankly I don’t really care that the lyrics are in Swedish. It’s just an interesting twist.

Till Fjälls, del II clocks in at over 75 minutes making for a very long listen. After 2014`s intriguing Naturbål and 2012’s Orkan (the album that introduced me to Vintersorg) it’s clear that the band is comfortable with their recipe for writing. Though I wouldn’t say this album is a repeat of anything else I’ve heard from them, the harmonies are consistent and much of the song construction is similar to the past – or at least familiar.

It’s difficult to point out any standout songs or any that come up lacking. Right from the beginning on Jökelväktaren, Vintersorg makes a great statement about where they are in 2017. Yes, there are the immaculate melodies Hedlund knows how to write as well as harsh vocals combined with his super cleans. The ebb and flow between flat out Black Metal (like the middle section of Lavin) and simply epic soundscapes (nearly everywhere) makes for an interesting listen and a style of which I have yet to grow tired.  Loving the melody of Fjällets Mäktiga Mur as well as the layering of clean and harsh vocals for a greater impact.

Köldens Borg exhibits a Folk style melody, perhaps something in the vein of Korpiklaani – until it changes. Portalen and Obygdens Pionjär come across very much as BM songs – until they change. That seems to be something about Vintersorg and their style no matter the song. None of them really adhere to a specific style, except the Vintersorg style. That may not mean anything to the uninitiated, but that may be the best description.

Check out Fjällets Mäktiga Mur:

Vintersorg has, in my estimation, released anything that has been less than excellent. Hedlund has a distinct vision about this band and its sound and he is able to execute it without fail. Till Fjälls, del II is yet another worthy recording under the Vintersorg flag and an outstanding album in its own right without regard for the band’s past work.

I hear the sound in a Metal way.

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