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WLM Reviews: Reflection – Bleed Babylon Bleed

June 17, 2017

Greece seems to be a place that generates some quality Metal. Maybe it’s the food, the ouzo, or just in the culture.

The Greek Metal scene is heavy on BM, but surprisingly not as much in the way of Power Metal (most notable exception: Firewind). Reflection, I contend, is right near the top of the heap when it comes to melodic Metal emanating from Athens. The band’s album, Bleed Babylon Bleed (Pitch Black Records), is a nice entry in the Power Metal catalog of 2017. Clocking in at 40 minutes, the length seems about right.

Reflection has been in existence for two and a half decades, but it’s been almost 10 years since their last album. Focusing on a Doom Metal tinged type of PM, the band incorporates great, memorable melodies with triumphant, warrior-based lyrics. Perhaps a bit clichéd, but it works for this band.

With song titles like Glorious Victory, Ruler of My Own Land, and Stormbringer, you pretty much know what is coming. Musically the band executes a typical style of Power Metal on these tracks but isn’t afraid to change things up a bit, either. The element that sets them apart is the performance of vocalist George Thomaidis. He’s got a vocal quality that’s right in my wheelhouse when it comes to singers. A little bit of grit, sparing use of vibrato, the ability to hit the high notes but generally remaining in a mid-range.

Bleed Babylon Bleed exudes a triumphant spirit throughout its entirety. Songs like the aforementioned Glorious Victory makes that statement clearly. The Iron Tower may be more subdued, but the off beat riff is pretty cool and the Doom feel it has isn’t overwhelming – more like insidious. Takla Makan is the most overtly Doom Metal song, though giving off a Manowar vibe at times. The slow pacing and Middle Eastern tone combine for an interesting song, nonetheless. Time Traveller seems a bit out of place here, but is decent track anyway. Speaking of Mid-East, the title track obviously has some of that going on throughout the song.

Check out Ruler of My Own Land:

All in all, Bleed Babylon Bleed is an enjoyable recording. It’s well written and nicely put together. Reflection, though I had not heard them prior to this promo, is now a band whose back catalog I may explore, although the primary attraction for me is Thomaidis’ delivery. His performance with worth hearing.

I hear the sound in a Metal way.

Great Album

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