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WLM Reviews: Crazy Lixx – Ruff Justice

June 13, 2017

These guys are injecting life into a scene that was prevalent many years ago. It’s albums like these that truly make me wish I grew up in this era. While those years are gone literally, it doesn’t mean the scene/sound that was prevalent during that decade isn’t completely gone. You probably know where I’m headed with this as a band out of Sweden known as Crazy Lixx recently released their latest album, Ruff Justice via Frontiers Records. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am talking about the 80’s here dude! Ahh yes, when glam was very much popular, I may giving away my age here but I am a bit jealous of you folk who very well remember the glam era. Back on track here, the band draws influence from the big names of glam like Skid Row, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Whitesnake, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Guns N’ Roses and many more. Ruff Justice is a modern throwback to the glam era and if you miss the hard energeticness and ballads of such a time, there is a new light which may let you reminisce in some nostalgic elements. Big choruses, memorable and addicting hooks and riffs and strong solos, this is a very much well-rounded album. They also can be seen on par with other modern glam metal bands like Santa Cruz, Airbourne, Steel Panther, Crashdiet and more.

The band formed in Malmö, Sweden in 2002 and have released five albums including this latest one. They’ve head a steady line up and is mighty respectable they stuck with forming a glam metal band even some consider the scene pretty much dead especially since Sweden is known more for the Gothenburg scene and it’s triumphant death metal acts. In the fifteen years they’ve been together, they’ve had their loss of members, going on to other projects and personal avenues. Aside from that, they’ve had their music featured in video games and have had a steady career path.

Aptly titled, Wild Child, kicks off the album in true glam fashion. Very energetic and riff-driven, this track perfectly lives up to the big chorus claim more so with the gang vocals. You know it can’t be the 80’s in here until you dedicate a track to a pretty number like the ‘wild child’. XIII, follows similar suit to the previous track only with some added keyboards/electronics and let’s not forget the definitive shred solo that really sets things up. Walk The Wire was the track that got me on board with these guys and comes with a more ballady feel to it. I’m a sucker for ballads and some may argue there’s some AOR elements to this one, I certainly agree. The gang vocals are very stimulating and the melodic workings from the guitar add that extra layer of sweet flavor.

Speaking of sweet flavor, I couldn’t help but experience extreme eargasms in Snakes In Paradise. The catchy melody here by the lead guitar is pure genius, that’s all I can say, you’ll have to experience the glory for yourself. It’s one of those ‘abuse the hell out the replay button’ tracks. Shot With A Needle Of Love and Kiss of Judas inject the listeners with that highly energetic, fast-paced action that also falls on the sleaze side as well. Live Before I Die, closes the album on a rather tame tone. I couldn’t stop thinking of Bon Jovi when I heard this one, does not sound like the rest of the album which can be seen as both good and bad BUT it could be worse.

Overall, this album comes at a great time and certainly brings a refreshing injection to a scene that owned the industry at one point. I’m very much eager to hear what the future holds for this group and for going at it for 15 years, let’s hope they are here for many, many more years. What else can be said? Energy, emotion, melody, everything an 80’s fan could want and more are all here so what’s stopping you? Bands and albums like these make me want to see a comeback for glam and you’ll definitely experience a blast from the past with Crazy Lixx. You never know who or what you’ll stumble upon and this is another rare jewel find among the metal plethora. Consider this the glam album of the year! Stay Metal \m/

Official Website: https://www.crazylixx.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crazylixx
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrazyLixx

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