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Album Review: Cydemind – Erosion

May 19, 2017

As much as I love pretty much almost every genre and subgenre of metal out there, I tend to gravitate towards a few personal favorites. Every so often there is always something new that pops in my inbox that gives me that “oh yeah!” feeling. 

What I mean by that is that there are always acts that remind me of how huge and how varied the metal world can be literally. Releasing their debut album are instrumental metallers Cydemind with their album, Erosion. Instrumental…yes, atmospheric/ambient…yes and yes, progressive….oh definitely. While this album is instrumental, I thought to myself while listening to it, if there was such a genre as ‘chill metal’ these guys would most definitely belong in that area. Aside from guitars and drums, there are some great classical elements and for you keyboard enthusiasts, there are some sweet eargasmic keyboard sweeping/shredding and solos as well. The album’s theme deals with the course nature takes as time goes on hence the album artwork.

From the get-go there is a 13-minute track that starts out rather on the melancholic and sentimental notion with acoustics and violin pieces leading the way to a more energetic and experimental experience throughout the latter half. If you like Dream Theater then you should give the first track, Derecho a try. Red Tides follows a similar pattern as the previous track though there are more electronics/keyboards present. The tempo is satisfying and the track itself is a notch heavier but still on the tame side.

I was totally not expecting a 27-minute track on this album, especially from a band making their debut, especially being so young. I think the title track, Erosion, is the creme de la creme for the album. One of the highlights is the very tight knit playing, you know, that stop-go-stop-go effect meanwhile the bass gets some recognition just past the halfway mark. The violin is featured on about 90% of the track, so prepare to hear lots of it on top of solo upon guitar solo upon guitar solo and drums of course. What Remains, is perhaps the ‘truest’ metal track of the bunch. While there is the return of violin, there is more double bass, heavier riffing, some solid soloing from all instruments and has a slightly mischevious and ominous feel to it. I think whatever remains of this world is an ominous thing, with the title of the track in mind.

After absorbing the album, I would say it’s not too shabby, still recommended to check out and unique compared to the majority out there. Being their debut album, a few things come to mind such as vocals in question, that is if they decide to incorporate vocals, also I found the violin was a little too much…just a hair too much. Normally I love classical elements but it’s not really needed in just about every track and the progression was fairly similar on some of the tracks so there was not enough originality. BUT this is their debut album and they are young so they have plenty of time to showcase all their potential. Overall though the album is solid and I would listen to it again and it’s albums like these that sort of nudge you and tell you there is much more out there in metal than what has been presumed over time. Stay Metal \m/

Official Website: http://cydemind.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cydemind/
Bandcamp: https://cydemind.bandcamp.com/

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One Response to Album Review: Cydemind – Erosion

  1. Harley on May 22, 2017 at 5:41 pm

    Absolutely need a vocalist.

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