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Album Review: DragonForce – Reaching Into Infinity

May 18, 2017

In my experience, fans have made many claims that DragonForce is too predictable, that speed is their only forte among one or two other things. Yeah well, those claims can eat it now that the new album is here. 

Quite obvious a longtime name in the metal industry, Reaching Into Infinity, is the group’s seventh original album release. With what is conceived as a chaotic world we live in now more than ever, the new album is here to ‘transport’ the listener out of this plane, even if it’s for only an hour or so, and take us to a world that is entirely their own. With the album name in mind, after listening to the album, the group has definitely reached into other elements/genres/sounds making this easily their most diverse, dynamic and mature album to date, without a doubt and that may be an understatement.

For those who have jumped off the DragonForce bandwagon for predictability reasons or because all their songs ‘sound the same’, this is the time to get back on board with them. You thought their last album was different? Get ready to experience a familiar yet unpredictable side to the band. From their signature elements to some prog-rock sounding tracks, amazing ambience and atmospheres, ballady type tracks and entering death metal territories, I was in shock many times throughout Reaching Into Infinity. This is the first album with new drummer, Gee Anzalone, and third album with vocalist Marc Hudson.

After a great and suspenseful instrumental title track, you’ll head into an epic track titled, Ashes of the Dawn. Overall, it sounds like typical DragonForce, but at the same time there is another side to it that you know is not them. Check out the phenomenal video to the track. Judgement Day, the first released single of the album, has some one of the best atmospheres out of any metal tracks I’ve heard. I felt a slight modern Dream Theater influence here more so in the keyboards than anything else. With all this talk about new sounds and such, perhaps you’re craving some traditional and more familiar DragonForce? Experience Curse of Darkness which at a few moments I could feel a neoclassical influence but nonetheless there is still that melodic magic, insane shred and blast beat downs that the band is known for.

Of course with a band like DragonForce, you would never expect something like a ballad to make an appearance if ever. Well that question may finally be answered as in Silence, the band comes out with what could be deemed a ballad or semi-ballad at that. If you were to show me this track and not tell me who it was, there would be that possibility I would have no idea it’s DragonForce. Overall, it’s very much slower in play, great melodic work and progression and vocalist Marc Hudson really adds the icing to the metal cake with such majestic vocals on this one. Then again it can go 180 with a track such as War. Aptly titled, yes it’s speedy in typical DragonForce form. Gang vocals add a menacing presence, there is a darker tone to this one. In a way it sounds familiar yet at the same time one could say the track branches out and gets downright in your face aggressive.

Did you think DragonForce could write longer songs than they already do? No doubt about it as we reach The Edge of the World. The longest DragonForce track there is a buildup as the track starts out on a mid-tempo progression, pretty tame before things get ravenous and chaotic. Around the halfway mark, we enter almost death-metal territories as the double bass picks up, the riffs get heavier and bassist Frédéric Leclercq invokes his terrorizing growls and screams. The calm after the metal storm arrives as a peaceful outro leaves us.

There’s just so much more I could mention about this album but I will leave it to you to experience the eargasmic ecstasy behind it all. I think minds will be blown and will make many top ten lists in 2017. Without a doubt, this is my #1 album of the year so far and it will be very tough to beat. Rarely does a band live up to it’s claims and hype and this album will surpass your expectations. I don’t think we’ve seen everything DragonForce has to offer just yet and Reaching Into Infinity has set the bar for 2017 and possibly beyond. May the dragon within you all embrace this glorious album and reach into infinity with DragonForceStay Metal \m/

Official Websitehttp://www.dragonforce.com/

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