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WLM Reviews: Dream Evil – Six

May 14, 2017

Dream Evil is one of the most consistently highly rated Power Metal bands out there.  While I’ve enjoyed some of their output over the years, they never really struck a chord with me to elevate to the top.

The inexplicably named Six (I kid – I get it), is the band’s sixth album (surprise).  Dream Evil and Iced Earth are just about the only Power Metal bands on Century Media amid a lineup of a lot of Death, so it’s kind of strange that they both are releasing albums within the next month or two.  Dream Evil always seems to have a couple of songs per album that are standouts while the rest just kind of pass me by.  On Six, it seems that there are a couple that just pass me by and the remainder is pretty good.  Maybe I should revisit some of the old stuff.

So right up front, lets get the so-so stuff out of the way.  Imminently skippable are Sin City and Creature of the Night, a couple of kind of boring tracks that, thankfully, are placed next to each other in the running order.  They come across as poor attempts at an 80s style.  Out of a dozen songs we’re left with 10 at about 43 minutes.

It’s been about seven years since the Swedes’ last album, so I would expect a goodly amount of ass kicking Metal.  Dream Evil’s style of PM tends to be on the slower side, plodding to mid-paced.  Rarely do they take things uptempo.  This is true in the eponymous track that leads the album, Antidote, Hellride, and Six Hundred and Sixty Six.  Undoubtedly heavy, each song contains killer riffs, a massive bottom that will give your subwoofer a workout, and the ever soaring vocals of Niklas Isfeldt.

How to Start a War is where Dream Evil tries their hand at a speedier song on Six.  Granted it’s not Helloween speed all the way through.  I’m totally digging the chorus as well.  The Murdered Mind is in a similar mold, a bit more mid-paced though, chock full of excellent riffing and a wicked good chorus.  Too Loud is very much borderline for me, nearly making it into the so-so category, but it’s not nearly as forgettable as the previous two I mentioned.  It has quite the 80s feel to it, but this time in a good way, although the lyrics are on the weak side.  It’s rather heavy overall.

I’m definitely into 44 Riders, maybe partly because it’s a biker song, but mainly because it’s a well written song with strong melodies and some more quality riffage.  One might expect a song titled Broken Wings to be somewhere in ballad territory.  One would be wrong.  This one is very much in the Dream Evil style of slower paced Power Metal with a heavy as can be chorus complete with outstanding and effective vocal harmonies.  One of the top several songs on SixWe Are Forever is the ballad of the album, albeit on the heavier side of things.  It’s a take it or leave it type of song for me.

Here’s an interesting video for Antidote:

Well, it turns out that Dream Evil still has a punch and Six will appeal to fans of the band and of Heavy Metal.  I am more of a fan of the band after listening to this album.

I hear the sound in a Metal way.


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