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Lyrics by Lyric: Bastian

April 20, 2017

Lyrics by Lyric


Hey guys! Lyric here. This week, I’m bringing you a rock band by the name of Bastian, who just released their album, “Back To The Roots“. “The sound is a little bit different than the pure metal sound of their two predecessors containing more hard rock shades with ballads and some bluesy touches without losing sight of the harsh sound that has always characterized his works.” 

The first track, “Goodbye To My Room” has the rock-vibe to it, and makes me want to dance. It filled me with an immense amount of energy and ended up being a song I couldn’t get out of my head. That’s how good it was. It’s the type of song you’d play at a party to get everyone amped up. Like, I wanted to get in my car and go see this band live. The energy from the song itself is enough to make me play it on repeat about 12 times before I even listened to the rest of the album.

HOWEVER, When I did listen to the rest of the album… man, was I blown away!! “Midnight Summers Dream“, track 02, is so powerful in the lyrics that I wanted to post it on all social media to show people how I feel.

Jasmine & Sebastien“, the last track on the album, features Tracy Amos and is honestly the most meaningful song on the album. I can’t even find words to describe it, you need to listen for yourself.

Back To The Roots was recorded in Italy, Sweden, and the United States, but was officially mixed in Germany. Talk about internationally known! Not only does this band have incredible talent, they also clearly have all the right contacts.

Bastian is composed of: Apollo Papathanasio – Vocals, Sebastiano Conti – Guitar,  Vinny Appice – Drums, Corrado Giardina – Bass. They originate from Italy and released Back To The Roots on February 28th, 2017. They released their first album in 2014, titled “Among My Giants“, and followed with another album in 2016 by the name of “Rock Of Daedalus”.

There’s really nothing more for me to say about this album, it truly speaks for itself, in more ways than one. They took their old noise and turned it into something they feel is better and more expressive. I truly love this album, and will continue to listen to it well into the future. I feel Bastian will continue to do great things, and I hope they will be making a trip to tour the US soon enough.

Lyric thinks this album is:

Until next time!

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