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Lyrics by Lyric: The Ditch and The Delta

April 13, 2017

Lyrics by Lyric

Hey guys! It’s Lyric back at it again, and this week I’ve brought you a band by the name of The Ditch and The Delta. This is a three-piece sludge/doom metal band that originates from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. They list their influence as “life” and that would be perfect, considering the band formed out of three friends who have been growing together for 15 years.

“The sound is huge an oppressively heavy, and while often lumped into the doom category, NoEcho.net compares their sound to, “Neurosis as a stripped down, noise rock outfit,” and Hellbound calls it, “a sludgy doom that incorporates many different influences such as noise music and progressive metal.” I’d say this is extremely accurate, and a good use of descriptive words.

Within their first year of being a band, The Ditch and The Delta released their first EP, We Rust, and toured throughout the Western US.

In this album, Hives In Decline, the band expanded their harmonies and tension, while also adding lyrics that portray to everyday life and the devils we face on a daily basis.

There’s a song on the album, “Dry Land” (track 04), that I am absolutely obsessed with. Not only is it very melodic and peaceful, it pulls the album together with the smooth riffs. While the rest of the album is edgy and full of power, this one track sticks out to me and makes me want to listen to it for hours on end (and I think I did… I started this article at 8pm, and it’s 11:30… I lost myself somewhere).

I felt myself listening to Hives In Decline while doing things around my house earlier, and I found that this album motivated me to do things faster. I mean, if I’m honest, the music and the lyrics from “Fuck On Asphalt” (track 02) made me headbang while vacuuming earlier. The music was powerful, and the sound overall made me just want to work out, honestly. It pumped me up. I was ready to take on anything I could ever dream of.

So here’s my honest opinion: I really like this band. And I mean, I really like this band. I will definitely find myself listening to them in the future. However, Hives In Decline is not set to release to the public until Friday, May 12, 2017, so you will have to take a taste of their older EP, We Rust, to get an idea of how they sound.

That’s my favorite song off of their We Rust album, called Open Veins.

Lyric thinks this album is:

Check The Ditch and The Delta out, let me know what you think and how you feel! Until next time!



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