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Lyrics by Lyric: Ghost Season

March 16, 2017

Lyrics by Lyric

Hey guys, Lyric here! This week, I’m bringing to you an Athens-based Alternative metal band by the name of Ghost Season. They released their debut album Like Stars In a Neon Sky, on January 27 via Pavement Entertainment. 

This is what we were waiting for,” said bassist Dorian Gates. “Over the last year we have put our hard work to make this album get to you. And we are blessed and honored to have by our side J Loren from Hurt and the guys at Pavement Entertainment.”


 Guitarist Nick Christolis adds: “We blended in our music all of our influences: old meets new, classic meets modern. Thoughts turn into music, music becomes food for thought.”
Like Stars in A Neon Sky consists of 12 tracks. The first track, The Reckoning, starts off the intro with a soft heart beat. Continuing into the song, the soft melody reminds me of an Evanescence vibe just with the music itself.
In track 08, Just A Lie, the vocals will literally transform you into a whole new feeling, and make the listener feel safe. I don’t know why “safe” was the word that came to mind, but I was able to close my eyes and envision myself at a concert, listening to this song live, and I felt safe. This song gave me a warm feeling in my stomach.
My favorite lyrics from this song are: “… You promise me something / but you give me nothing at all” (this is what it sounds like, I was unable to find actual lyrics). For me, these lyrics mix well with the overall music, giving the feeling that there was betrayal when this song was written. This song hit close at home with its slow ballad, and it made me cry just from the slow music itself. There is so much emotion in this song, and I couldn’t help but just listening to it until it was over. It was truly one of those songs that hit you in a way you couldn’t help.
Like Stars in a Neon Sky also features an adrenalized rendition of Savage Garden’s pop hit “Break Me Shake Me”, as track number 12. It truly gives the song a more alive feeling, and makes it better overall, in my opinion. I’d rather listen to Ghost Season’s version than the original, and that says a lot… I’m always all about originals!
Break My Chains, track 04, is extremely energized and makes you want to jump around while you listen to it. Of course, I had to blast it for my neighbors to hear (and yes, it was 10:30pm, as per usual). I really just liked the vibe and the music of this song; of course, the vocals went well with it, too. You just have to listen to it yourself and tell me what you think!
Check out Ghost Season’s other songs from Like Stars In A Neon Sky! You can find them on YouTube or at ghostseason.com under Videos!
Lyric thinks this album is:
Until Next time!
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