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Album Review: Cellador – Off The Grid

March 15, 2017

Do you guys ever play the game of associating a new band with what genre they could be in? I did with these guys and I was aptly satisfied with the outcome. 

Cellador, a very talented metal quartet based out of Denver, Colorado recently released their latest album titled, Off The Grid. Appropriately titled I would say, the 45-minute, 10-track album raises some obvious elements such as the melodic portion, then of course there’s the obvious and unforgettable speed notion that reminded me of Dragonforce, yet with only four members in their ranks, it’s quite a feat to replicate such a big name. Regardless of their stature, they still still have a distinct quality and sound to them that differentiates themselves from the competition. They have a large European sound, which is awesome considering where they’re headquartered. The album brings a powerful and empowering message of tearing yourself away from a heavily technological oriented society in which we usually ignore our qualities that make us unique and different and focusing more on trying to fit in and be copycats; now that’s a winning concept right there. The instrumental portion also brings in enough variety, changeups and subtlety to keep things motivational, adrenaline packed and stimulating.

If you’re like me and love anthemic and epic wielding tracks, Sole Survivors, will send shivers down your spine. Lots of double bass, galloping from the riffs, and vocalist Chris Petersen, goes above and beyond with the chorus. Wow what a sick opener. Break Heresy, brings in their melodic side with the track overall having a brotherhood feel to it, more so during the gang vocals in the chorus and make sure to stick around for the killer dual harmonic works of the guitars and keyboards. The title track, Off The Grid, is on the mid-tempo side, a little groovy and the vocals soar higher here than ever on the album. If you want memorable, this is a must to check out.

Swallow Your Pride, comes on a thrashier note with the inclusion of blast beats and triplets from the double bass. Lots of tremolo guitar picking, overall, lots of everything though the vocals are on the tame side this time around. I was a little thrown off with the general track, Good Enough. I wouldn’t necessarily deem this a radio friendly track per se, though I was reminded a lot of another US power metal band, Armory. I guess the band wanted to apply the brakes after ferociously driving sweet anthemic power metal down our spines. The closing track, Running Riot, also was a little tamer compared to the first half of the album. Its chorus is very catchy, melodic while the keyboards have a looming presence in the background. I think it was pretty smart for the band to leave the album on a catchy tune which will stick in your mind well after the album is done.

Having been together for ever a decade, it most certainly shows how highly talented these metallers are. Though the addition of the tamer tracks made the album interestingly different, in a good way, that only shows how multi-facated the album is. I came into the album expecting a general attitude and standard metal play but after digesting the album many a times since I received it, Off The Grid, is easily one of the more refreshing power metal albums I’ve listened to in a while. If you’re looking for an album that may have some familiarity to it but at the same time hurl a curve ball at you many times, I highly recommend going ‘off the grid’ with Cellador. You gotta love it when a band surpasses your expectations for you will not find your time wasted at all my metal brethren. Stay Metal \m/

Official Website: http://www.cellador.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cellador/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/celladorband

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