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WLM Reviews: Evocation – The Shadow Archetype

March 5, 2017

Aside from the Melodic and Technical versions of Death Metal, and the incorporation of DM elements in some Folk/Pagan Metal, I tend to not really enjoy much of the more straight ahead style. Thankfully, Evocation sits in the MDM camp and popped up in my email.

Admittedly, I don’t think I’ve heard Evocation until now. They aren’t really considered to be in the top tier of MDM bands. Nevertheless, on The Shadow Archetype (Metal Blade), they pretty much grabbed me by the throat right at the beginning of Condemned to the Grave and didn’t let up until the final notes of Dark Day Sunrise. The Swedes are serious and put forth a relentless product full of wicked riffs, speed, growling that is still decipherable, a pit-like bottom end, and one of the heaviest slabs of Metal I’ve heard in a while.

As with a lot of Death Metal, without spending a significant amount of time with it, one might be hard pressed to really distinguish among the various songs on a particular album. Evocation fits into that mold, having songs that in an isolated setting might be unique, but run together one after another, fatigue sets in. I can’t say I’m bored or turned off by what I hear. One DM song after another – they kind of run together in my brain. I find it difficult to remember or identify a particular track.

While I enjoy the blistering assault of a full speed Metal attack, I think Evocation is at their best during the groove-heavy songs and passages. The somewhat raw production (not Black Metal raw) lends itself to what the band is attempting here. Condemned to the Grave is one of those tracks during which the band just chugs along at a nice pace while retaining a great degree of heaviness and the solo section of Modus Operandi is nicely done in the same vein. Imperium Fall is a very cool track with some old school Venom-like flavor. Definitely one you should hear.  Aside from those, the songs are neither terribly remarkable nor simply terrible – just well done Melo Death.  Cool album art as well.

Here’s Condemned to the Grave:

Along with Mors Principium Est this year, Evocation has released a quality MDM album in The Shadow Archetype. I don’t imagine this will dominate my playlist for much longer, but it’s also not a work that I would turn off if it popped up.

I hear the sound in a Metal way.

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