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5 Questions with Sunlight’s Bane

January 30, 2017

Sunlight’s Bane stormed onto our radar with a song of the week with “Praise the Venom Shield.” We were fortunate after that to have a chance to ask some questions to these future black metal stars. We thank Nick for taking the time to speak with us.

1. Congratulations on the release of your debut “Blackest Volume: Like All the Earth Was Buried.” February 17th is the date. What is the band feeling leading up to this career milestone?

Anticipation mostly, having no capability of predicting what will be felt from audiences upon hearing the album, we merely anticipate the release with the intention of every inch made by us being an uphill fight as it has always been for us.

2. The term “darkened grind” has been thrown around when listening to your work, however there are a lot of different influences including a heavy contingent of European Black Metal. Were these influences added consciously or does Sunlight’s Bane just create music the members love?

Initially in our youth, the mixing of genres was tossed around, but by this point as a band, it often just arises naturally as we write. The band is vastly influenced by numerous artists and we find that it just often occurs that each and every one of them reflects in the sound and progression of the material.

3. You have been around since 2011, you have changed names, have evolved your sound, and you have toured quite a bit. What advice would you give to other bands starting down the path of heavy metal?

If what you are writing or playing does not instill any sort of feeling or emotion within you as the creator whatsoever, start over.

4. Are you worried about “Blackest Volume: Like All the Earth Was Buried” being downloaded and stolen? Is it possible to make a living in heavy metal without album sales?

It is inevitable that the current of the internet will eventually grab onto the album. We simply hope for the record to speak for itself and demand that it be shown to others who will eventually want to hear and feel the songs live. That is the only end goal, as it is unrealistic of us (or anyone) to expect to survive and sustain ourselves off of art.

5. If you could open for any band, living or dead (together or broken up), who would it be and why?

Death or Bathory in their original incarnations.


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