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The Tuesday List: Coming Up in 2017

January 10, 2017

List of the Best Pics of Lemmy Kilmister

This week’s list is the most anticipated albums dropping in 2017.

You will notice later in the day that Fernando is doing a list of the most anticipated albums coming up in 2017 as well, so I’m curious to see how we differ.

There are lots of rumored albums dropping this year from bands like Nine Inch Nails, Stone Sour, Judas Priest, Linkin Park, etc. For the sake of this list I am only going to focus on albums that are confirmed as of the writing of this article.

6. Steel Panther – Lower the Bar: the name of the title is fitting for me because I’m sure the guys will find a way to “lower the bar” on their lyrics. I tire of Steel Panther’s schtick very quickly, but there is anticipation on my part of how far they will push the boundaries of society. Over the years these glam parodies have managed to turn a Vegas show into a full touring show with sold out venues. That baffles me, but I will admit they can certainly stir up some talk.

5. Suicide Silence – S/T: I always question the decision of a self titled album from an established act, but hell it worked for Flotsam & Jetsam so what do I know. The anticipation builds on this album because they are seemingly taking themselves out of the deathcore sound and moving to a nu-metal or even more mainstream direction. This could be a good move for those that still cling to the legacy of Mitch Lucker. The band has had massive success so a drastic change in style is risky.

4. Kreator – Gods of Violence: anyone up for some teutonic face melting death thrash? I am. You know with Kreator you are going to get brutally violent music that keeps you awake at night. How metal is that. For me the anticipation of this album is simply the fact that it’s Kreator, and everything they do breaths the heart and soul of heavy metal.

3. Deep Purple – Infinite: Ian Paice – drums, Ian Gillan – vocals, Roger Glover – bass, Steve Morse – guitar, Don Airey – keyboards. That list is all the anticipation you need. One of the founding bands of heavy metal is putting out a new album and going on a world tour titled, “The Long Goodbye Tour.” What more could you possibly need to want this album to come out? Making us wait until April is borderline torture.

2. Havok – Conformicide: we haven’t heard from Havok in the way of new music since 2013 and that is far too long. There have been some lineup changes, but in 2010 Pete Webber got behind the kit and I became a massive fan of Havok. There isn’t too many bands out there today that can blend the traditions of metal with the modern twist to be relevant in both worlds. Keeping new material coming will only cement that as the band’s legacy.

1. Overkill – The Grinding Wheel: Bobby Ellsworth said the following about the new album, “At the end of the day Overkill is Overkill. Our trademark is that we are always recognizable on every release. For the three decades we have been around we were always Overkill. So sure it is a metal record and like always it will have sort of a thrash vibe to it with some melody in it. It’s always best to try to make it better or at least think in your mind that it is going to be better. That becomes the challenge. I think that is what keeps the band rolling. A lot of bands are known for what they have done, but I feel being known for where you are and what you are doing is where true value lies. I feel we accomplished that on the last few albums.” That sums up why Overkill has the most anticipated album of 2017. Come on February.


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