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Metalcore Mondays: From Plagues To Instability To Anti-Materialism

January 9, 2017

Sometimes the message behind a song or a band is more important that the music itself. Is that the same thought process in this case? Continuing our Metalcore Mondays, we travel to the Midwest to where Christianity has tapped into the minds of several young guys that went on to create a group known as The Devil Wears Prada.

Formed in 2005, the group has released six full-length albums and have had a stable lineup for the most part. The message of anti-materialism drives the band to continue going forward, though many have associated their name with a movie and novel of the same name. The group stresses that they take a more Christian view of it saying that at Judgement Day God will look beyond the possessions of humanity.

Lucky for the group, their first record deal was a solid one, signing with one of the more notable labels in the scene/alternative metal genre, Rise Records. With the release of solely their first album, they toured the US and really began to get noticed quite quickly. Once again, a common pattern with many of these metalcore bands, the group’s second album, Plagues, got them on MTV, placed in the Top 100 on the Billboard Charts, played the famous Vans Warped Tour, really placing the band on a whole new pedestal.

Their next set of albums placed 11th and 10th on the Billboard charts, a rare feat seen with such a young band. A decade after their birth and the group signed back on to their home label, Rise Records after being with several labels prior. Not long after this, the group lost their guitarist and a year later, the group lost their drummer, two members that were part of the original lineup lost in the span of one year apart.

They’ve shared the stage with many big names such as Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, Dark Tranquillity, Slayer, Slipknot and will be adding more to that list later this year with Anthrax. They’ve toured with many of the known names in the scene/alternative metal genre as well so it’s no doubt they’ve hit much success in their eleven year career so far. Without further ado, from Dayton, Ohio, The Devil Wears PradaStay Metal \m/

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