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Lyrics By Lyric: UNDRASK

January 5, 2017

Lyrics by Lyric

Hey guys! Lyric here! I hope everyone had a metal Christmas and a head-banging New Year!

Mark your calendars for January 27th, 2017, because that’s when the new album from UNDRASK is released. It’s a self-released album by the name of Battle Through Time. UNDRASK is made up of Erik Collier – Lead Guitar, Darryl DeWitt – Rhythm Guitar , Daniel McCoy – Bass Guitar, Aaron Schimmel – Drums, and Steve Wynn – Vocals.

Battle Through Time gives a new love to melodic death metal, at least in my opinion. It is composed of 10 tracks, but my all time favorite would have to be No Graves For The Dead, which just so happens to be the first track on the album. The vocals are deep and dark, just how melodic death metal vocals should be.

This album gave me power, energy, and a great attitude. It kept me motivated to do things around my house, and I even found myself head banging to it in the shower. This band definitely caught my attention and kept me wanting more.

UNDRASK mostly attracts fans of Amon Amarth, early In Flames, and Carcass.

Battle Through Time is a catchy album that captures the story of a man who is lost to eternity and is forced to fight and die repeatedly through time and through alternate realities.

The musical attraction to this album is high, and the guitar riffs are some of my personal favorites that I have ever heard in this subgenre. They are upbeat and fast, sending positive vibes and making me want to blast my stereo for all of my neighbors to hear.

If you’re interested in listening to more of this album and you don’t want to wait until January 27th (because who would?), you can check out this album teaser below.

Until next time!!




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