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The Wednesday News Rant – Dec 25 to 31 – 2016

January 4, 2017

Heavy Metal News Rant

Only the second, yet the last Wednesday News Rant of 2016. That creates two things: one is looking forward to all of the future ranting I get to do in 2017, and the second thing is a very slow news week.

Let’s see what did happen this week:

Sunday – Christmas day and we got to hear from Phil Rudd the former drummer of AC/DC talking to the “Ralph Davenport Rock Show.” Phil wanted it known that he feels Angus Young is playing better than ever and shouldn’t even consider putting the band to bed. Really Phil? Does this have anything to do with your insistence that you would love to be on the road again? When a band of this caliber has to resort to guest vocalists and has no other originals left isn’t it time to walk away? Could you be putting your personal gain ahead of the legacy? Now that I think about it you may fit right in with the NEW AC/DC.

Monday – various interviews posted with members of Metallica talking about the lack of writing Kirk Hammett did on the new album Hardwired… To Self Destruct. It comes across as negative in some interviews, and positive in others. Apparently Kirk lost his phone with most of his riff ideas on it so he was unable to contribute. That doesn’t really add up to me, but either way everyone should just let it rest and enjoy the kick ass album for what it is. Did we all think in the the end James wrote most of the riffs anyway?

Tuesday – rare recordings of late Alice in Chains frontman Layne Staley are being auctioned off on EBay. It was from a project pre-Chains called 40 Years of Hate. You can get in on the bidding or buy the music outright for $5000. No word on where the money is going. The honorable thing would be to donate it to charity, but there is no mention of that. You would think during the holidays you could at least honor Staley’s memory properly and let this lost gem do some good… NOPE. Personal gain seems to be the route this guy (not worth naming) is taking.

Wednesday – the thrash band Hatriot is releasing new material. This new material, seen below, does not feature the vocals of Exodus’ Zetro. Hatriot was the Souza family project that put out some kick ass material right before Souza rejoined Holt and company. Zetro’s son is going to be doing the vocals and the band is heading in a more death metal direction as opposed to the thrash of the past. Doesn’t this make it a totally different band, and how do they transition to the material the fans are paying to see with such a different vocal style? Hard road for a new band, might be best to change the name and start over.

Thursday – the Lita Ford family situation continues and not in a positive direction. Lita and her ex-husband Nitro singer Jim Gillette have been fighting over their children for many years. Gillette doesn’t comment often but he has set the record straight that the court has awarded him full and absolute custody with no visits allowed from Lita. Ford calls it “parent alienation” and is an advocate for making the practice a hot button topic. In my eyes the whole mess should be played out somewhere other than Blabbermouth.

Friday – according to NBC, the new Celebrity Apprentice has some rocky moments during episode two when Vince Neil is drunk around Boy George. Although the episode hasn’t aired people seem to be pointing at Neil being a jerk and hard to work with. Because of the various drunken incidents, including vehicular manslaughter, the former Motley Crue frontman has been involved in I would say the masses are going to side with George on this one. Will Vince every grow up?

Saturday – Max Cavalera recently told Metal Rules you couldn’t “tell [him] one great song they [Sepultura] have written since he left.” Why Max? You have been so good to WLM over the years, but I have to ask why this has to keep coming up? Andreas Kisser is an amazing musician and has kept Sepultura going for many years after you left. Let it be. Igor and you are doing the “Roots” album in it’s entirety and I’m sure that is confusing enough to fans, let alone continuing to bring that name up time and time again. It’s now 2017, let’s make great metal and let the past be the past.

See you next week. ~ Martell

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