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Guest Blog: Scream Like a Rockstar

January 3, 2017


Hello I’m Jeremy Lewis. I’m a vocal coach who teaches musicians the art of singing heavy music using proper technique. I have been involved in the music scene since 2004 playing bass and backup vocals in two original bands until forming a third band in 2014 called “JOOSE”.

Over the years I took tons of vocal lessons, bought lots of vocal coaching books and bought several DVD programs online in my quest to master the art of singing heavy vocals. It was a rather long process and sometimes frustrating at times since there weren’t a whole lot of vocalists who teach this type of heavy screaming but along the way I polished my technique and learned what did and what did not work.  Through this process of trial and error I developed an online screaming lessons program called Scream Like A Rockstar that is available to musicians worldwide!

I take an interactive creative approach in my lessons and have incorporated techniques from my training as a martial artist and Muay Thai Kick Boxer (fighting out of the Nor-Cal Fighting Alliance in Santa Rosa California). Beginner, intermediate or advanced vocalists can all benefit from my lessons as I keep them fun, simple and educational.

If you are a beginner learning how to scream I would recommend taking the process slowly. When I first started playing in bands I would experiment with my voice (often getting caught up in the energy of this music) and scream with too much force. Bad idea! It is a recipe for disaster if you don’t apply technique and ease into louder volume screams and vocal fry. You actually don’t even have to scream at a loud volume to sound good because it is the job of the microphone to amplify your volume. It is natural to feel slightly hoarse after practicing your technique because it is the nature of the beast. Trying to scream and sing heavy metal is going to tax your voice no matter how well your technique becomes. Be aware of this and don’t overdo it. Let yourself heal. I liken vocal training to working out at the gym. You break yourself down before you build yourself up but the difference is the tissue of your vocal cords is much more delicate than your muscle tissue. Start slow and be careful.

Always warm up before you practice. It is no joke and you can feel the difference immediately. You will have more control over your voice and will be able to scream for longer period of time after a proper warm up.

Drink water to stay hydrated and don’t smoke. Also remember that too much alcohol or coffee has a dehydrating effect and you will notice it in your voice if you drink too much.

If you would like to learn more about how to sing heavy metal music and develop your voice please visit my website at http://www.screamlikearockstar.com and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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