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The Tuesday List: Lemmy Pics

December 27, 2016

List of the Best Pics of Lemmy Kilmister

Change is always a good thing they say, so in that spirit we are changing the format of “Top 10 Tuesday” to a similar column aptly titled: The Tuesday List.

This time of year is such a wave of emotions. We enjoy the time we spend with our family and at the same time think of those that are unable to be with us.

In the metal world many of my friends and peers posted pictures of Lemmy Kilmister this holiday season. My circle of music friends look to Lemmy as a savior of sorts. A legend that not only played the music but lived the lifestyle. A true ambassador for the music and way of life we hold so dear to our hearts.

We are approaching one year, December 28th, since Lemmy passed on and looking back at some of the moments he shared with us makes me happy to have been a fan for so many years. Lemmy is one of the few legends I have not had the opportunity to meet or chat with, and for that I am ever sad. Although I am very grateful for the true gift he shared with us; the music of Motorhead, and the understanding that heavy metal at its core is just “rock n roll” turned up real loud.

With all this said, I want to share some of my favorite pictures of my metal idol. Immense credit goes to the people who were able to capture these amazing moments. Please note I take no credit for these photos in any form and the “names” of the photos are simply my personal take on these incredible shots.

Pictures of Lemmy List

The Bass Rifle – this picture captures the true spirit of Lemmy. Looking at it you can picture him pointing the bass at some admiring fan, in reality I would bet he was pointing at a long term stagehand that was giving Lemmy a smile from the sidelines. That playful look is Lemmy Kilmister to me.

Home – Lemmy standing outside of the Rainbow Bar & Grill is real Lemmy. From all accounts he spent most days, when not on tour or recording, at the Rainbow playing his machine. There he greeted fans and young musicians who knew enough to respect his time and treat him as the common man he felt he was.

That Drummer From Nirvana – Two of my favorites that happened to also be very close friends. Dave Grohl is a true historian of music and sought out those legends to show them the respect they deserve. Lemmy and Dave connected and became good friends that worked on various projects, including the incredible cameo Lemmy made in the Foo Fighters White Limo video. This picture captures that friendship the way I hope it was.

Younger – a few years are shaved off Lemmy in this pic but the magic is still there, and maybe even a little feistier. The black and white makes this picture iconic on first look, but also shows Lemmy looking into the crowd. That is unusual as he purposely pointed his mic in the air so he didn’t have to see the crowd.

RIP Legend – I debated on whether or not to include this pic, but in the end decided it was fitting on all fronts. Fans and friends leaving gifts for their hero that they knew he would love. The JD and flowers combined with that big pointing finger gave me the feeling that Lemmy had death under control as much as controlled the stage.

Dio and Lemmy – there is no way I could end on a memorial because Lemmy will live on in countless musicians for years to come. I wanted to end with my favorite picture. A picture featuring the two men that are the reason I listen to heavy music. Ronnie James Dio and Lemmy Kilmister are metal and reasons we all get to do what we do today. That must be some concert where these two are.

“Born to lose, live to win!” RIP ~ Martell

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