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Top 5 Deserted Island Songs

December 11, 2016

The plane goes down somewhere over the Pacific. You’re the only survivor. Luckily there is a small deserted island within a short swim. Somehow your phone survived, but mysteriously only allows five songs to remain playable. Which ones do you hope they are?

I was tempted to try to find the longest really good songs I like (Symphony X’s The Odyssey, Manowar’s Achilles: Agony and Ecstasy in Eight Parts, something by Dream Theater, etc.) but wanted to maybe be more realistic about it.¬†Over the course of a long period of time, what are the songs that I wouldn’t tire of, that I could go back to over and over again? Do I go classic with songs I’ve heard a thousand times already or something more recent?

To limit oneself to just 5 songs is beyond challenging. I tried to go with a variety and ended up with most of the songs no more than about a decade old. Certainly there are some old school songs that I would miss, but I do really like the ones I offer here.

Let’s start with some Thrash. Overkill’s Pound of Flesh might not be considered a classic song by them, but it is one of my favorites. Flat out speed and that Overkill attitude come together as a blistering blast of Metal. It’s on constant rotation on my workout playlist. Yeah, I can deal with this song.

Devin Townsend was almost guaranteed to make an appearance here. I’m going to cheat a little and kluge songs together to make one. On his album Synchestra, the first three songs – Let It Roll, Hypergeek, and Triumph are a seamless bit of music that I consider to be one work. The way it builds and explores the musical themes, as well as Townsend’s “wall of sound” approach contribute to make a truly outstanding piece.

The Haunted often fly under the radar. Their track Bury Your Dead from Made Me Do It is another that I feel like I can go back to time and again. It’s what Slayer should have sounded like in 2000. It’s also my phone’s ring tone. Crank it.

I had to throw some Folk Metal on my list. Although Wintersun probably should have been my selection, I had to go with Ensiferum and Blood is the Price of Glory. Sure it’s the first song from the first album without Jari, but it was also my introduction to Ensiferum. The opening scream is nearly worth having the song. It’s also occasional WLM contributor Fred’s ring tone on my phone.

Finally I had to go with some truly epic, awe inspiring European Power Metal. My choice here is Pagan’s Mind’s Entrance to Infinity from Enigmatic: Calling. Melodic, powerful, and wonderfully arranged, this track just hits the right spot. The way it builds starting at about the 5:40 mark is chilling.

Also under consideration:

Flotsam and Jetsam It’s on Me


Iron Maiden Invaders

TestamentSouls of Black

MetallicaFor Whom the Bell Tolls

SlayerRaining Blood

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One Response to Top 5 Deserted Island Songs

  1. Fernando on December 11, 2016 at 7:47 pm

    Oh hell yes to Edguy

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