Beyond Threshold takes big step with new album-Live To Fight

It’s easy to dismiss the home-town prophet. In our global metal world the natural inclination is to look far away, on the horizon, for the newest wonder. It couldn’t possibly in our back yard; ¬†especially true in a metal market rounder and fuller than a Kardashian ass, right? Not so fast my friends. A bigger sin would be stepping past the obvious talent right in front of your mug, assuming distance equals greatness. Which brings us to Beyond Threshold and their new album, Live To Fight¬†(out today on Pavement Records). I’ve fell into the trap of predicting bands on the verge of breaking through with stellar new albums, so hesitation sets in instantly when whispers of next level float about. Those ships can sink quickly. That professed, it will be up to the masses to puff and pass or just pass here, but there is reason to take notice of Live To Fight. Even in music’s underworld there must be memorable songs that keep fans chirping and sharing about “how flipping cool” an album is. This box is checked with Solitude. With a slightly reduced flex, melodious and catchy, vocalist Erik V pleads for understanding during this stroll. Only employing … Continue reading Beyond Threshold takes big step with new album-Live To Fight