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WLM interviews Carnage Inc- check it out!

November 2, 2016


Metal is global. Metal is local. There is some kick-ass mama jamma heavy metal band within miles of your house (unless you live in Wyoming), and there are hundreds of ultra-talented groups you may never hear because they are a 20 hour plane ride away. But hey, we live in a technical super-age, connected by the digital gods, so let’s take advantage of that and bridge the gaps.

You’d probably be wearing a Carnage Inc t-shirt if they hailed from LA, Boston, or Montreal. Enter a real human being, a metal liaison named Kunal Choksi. For all the talk of the internet and tech (it was imperative here yes), it took the personal touch of an ambassador that lives and breathes metal to hook me up with Carnage Inc. All I’m doing is passing along the torch. ┬áHere’s an introduction to the guys in the group- Enjoy!

WLM: Fury Incarnate is an incredible album, and I am eager to discuss it at length. Before we do, can you give our readers and introduction to Carnage INC?

Varun: Four suburban lads who love metal and beer, trying to make music that you listen to soothe the pain of living in a world of Biebers and Kardashians.

WLM: The album features a whole ton of thrash, a bit of groove, and is fast as hell. What bands have been your influences, and how has that contributed to your sound?

Varun: Majorly its the Big 4 of thrash that have influenced my rhythm playing. But apart from that a lot of Indian (no not Bollywood music, but the Indian classical stuff) and death metal influences. The sound of the EP has glimpses of it that differentiate it from other thrash records.

Navin: Slayer, Metallica & Pantera have always been our greatest influences. The speed, aggression comes from Slayer, Metallica inspires the ballsy rhythms and feel and Pantera for the groove.

Nikhil: I dig the Thrash/Death fusion. Bands like Megadeth & Cannibal Corpse have always inspired me to learn and play the bass.

WLM: To our readers outside of your region (India), what is the metal scene like in that part of the world?

Navin: It’s huge here. The recognition doesn’t always come through. But there are gigs peppered around the country with badass line-ups, metalheads who turn up and don’t shy from breaking a limb in the mosh – A brotherhood that keeps things heavy.

Varun: There’s also some drawbacks here and there, but hey, Metal just thrives with the drawbacks now, doesn’t it?

WLM: Is it fair to call Carnage INC and old school thrash band set in the modern age?

Nikhil: Thats a pretty fair way to look into our music. Our music is heavily inspired by the old school bay area thrash sound, with a bit of influences of a modern groovy metal sound that blends into our sound perfectly.

Varun: I hate schools. To me, the early Thrash bands pretty much made music which still stands the test of time. Those tunes still hit us pretty hard, influence are sound. So for me it’s just Thrash. Old or new, who cares?!

Moin: Most of our influences are from bands which rolled in the past and we always want to maintain that flavor in our music, blending it with modern age styles and patterns. So yes – we lean towards the “Old School” vibe.

WLM: Is there a lyrical theme to the album, or is a topic by song story within each track type of work?

Varun: The songs are interwoven around the main theme of the EP – The unleashing of a force that will wipe out the vile, the Fury itself – inspired from Kalki of Hindu Mythology. So the rest of the songs speak of evils (Crime / Religion / Maddening lifestyles / Injustice etc) that plague man today and how the advent of Kalki will smite these evils.

Moin: I thought the songs are about Varun screaming that he didn’t get his beer.

WLM: Would you be willing to rank these bands from top down (1 being the best)? And comment on why you put them in that order? Slayer, Overkill, Pantera, Megadeth, Suicidal Tendencies.

Navin: 1. Slayer 2. Pantera 3. Megadeth (And i’d add Metallica and Kreator instead of Suicidal and Overkill) I love the unabashed nature of Slayer and Pantera. No holds barred.

Nikhil: 1. Megadeth 2. Slayer 3. Pantera 4. Overkill 5. Suicidal Tendencies. To me MegaDave is the man.

Varun: 1. Slayer 2. Pantera 3. Megadeth 4. Overkill 5. Suicidal. Slayer and Pantera (even Metallica) have been a crucial part of our musical tastes. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush those bands give you.

Moin: Second Nikhil. Megadeth gets in the technical stuff. Which is rare.

WLM: The bands chosen in the previous question are what I hear most in your work, with you originality speaking through. Is that a fair list?

Varun: I am the only one who might have listened to Suicidal in depth. But to me Metallica was the biggest inspiration to get thrashing.

Nikhil: Not really. We all have varied musical interests. Would love to add Metallica, Kreator, Lamb of God, early Sepultura in the list too!

Moin: I am more of the Prog/Rock guy and I love bands like Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Karnivool and Tool. But Slayer and Pantera would be 2 bands we all love. I also dig the work of drummers like Gavin Harrison, Marco Minneman, Travis Robin, Tony Royster, Dave Lombardo.

WLM: What is the band currently doing? What is in the future for Carnage INC?

Varun: Sipping on rum and coke, while trying to score as many gigs as possible. And working on new material for the next full length.

Nikhil: We’re promoting the music as much as possible. Future plans would definitely be releasing an album and a tour.

Navin: Yep, more gigs, more new material. That’s about it! Thanks for the interview! Cheers to you guys. Keep thrashing!

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